December 2010

December 2010

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Our ward halloween party was the best ever! Seriously, we haven't had such a great one in years!

 Bro. Peterson was Moses, haha! Fitting!

 Cody went to the Halloween dance dressed as a piece of paper :).

 My little skeleton. I think this is the last year for this costume! (Not my favorite, anyway.)
 My little skeleton rides off to school!

I had a ton of school work, so I stayed home on Halloween. Mark went to parade and got some pictures.
 Mrs. Shalinsky was an organically grown carrot.

 Class party, making jack o' lantern out of an apple.

 I really love being a mom, and especially a mom to this face!

Mark took the day off on Halloween, and we carved pumpkins, of course!

 Jayce's friend, Jack, went trick or treating with us. Kind of freaky mask....

 Please note Cody's Romney/Ryan pumpkin!

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