December 2010

December 2010

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Pole Vaulting Cody's Junior Year - April 2013

Cody is amazing. He is such a gifted athlete. He loves pole vaulting and he is good at it! I hope after his mission he will be able to pole vault in college. This is a series from his junior year. It probably isn't the best one, but I still love watching the progression.

Here is a better series from the same season.

He cleared 14'6" last week. Pretty impressive!

Chicks April 2013

Jayce had the awesomest second grade teacher. Seriously, the best teacher I've seen ever. And that's saying something because we've had 185,694,302 teachers in our parenting career. Anyway, they hatched chicks in their room and then made these cute little pouches for them. 

Wish I would've gotten pictures of the eggs....

Pinewood Derby March 2013

Jayce has not enjoyed cub scouts very much. It's probably our fault because we are kind of tired of the cub scout thing. One thing he did enjoy is making a pinewood derby car with his dad.

I don't think we won many races despite dad's engineering attempts at making it faster, but it was still fun!

Thanks to the many scout leaders who work tirelessly to make this program great for our boys!

I also found this gem! Jayce was in 2nd grade and losing teeth is a way of life in 2nd grade!