December 2010

December 2010

Friday, June 29, 2012

Elder Sutherland Letter #2; Still in the MTC

Hey Family!
It's been two weeks here and I don't want to leave it's been so great. I got my travel plans last Friday and I found out that I am leaving suuuuuuuper early on the fourth of July. I have to be at the travel office at 3 AM and my flight from Salt Lake to Denver is at 6:47 AM MST. And once I get to Denver I have a 2 and a half hour delay before I fly to Kansas City at 10:47 AM. I will be able to call home too. I have to get one of these phone cards from the bookstore here and for only $5 I can call for 500 minutes at an airport payphone. So to Mom and Dad if you want to get up before 5 and talk to me that would be cool unless you want to wait until I get to Denver either way is fine. It will still be pretty early either way I guess. I will have to call home though so the ring might be a little loud.

I have seen Elder Mackie a ton here at the MTC and got to say goodbye to him the night before he left. I'm sure the few hours that he's been there in the Philippines have been great. I took some pictures with him but I can't send photos from the MTC for some reason so I will just wait until I get to the field to send them to you. So my P-day here at the MTC is Thursday but I'm not sure when my P-day will be in the field so it may be almost 2 weeks until you getr another one of my e-mails.

Wow Cody way to get up early! That's pretty cool that you got up so early just to say bye to a close friend. EFY is way awesome. You'll have to tell me about it unless you already sent a letter about it and I just haven't gotten it yet. It sounds like you all had a great time here for the 2 weeks in Utah and Dad 1 week. I am really grateful that Aunt Barbara and Uncle John let us raid their house every time we come up here. I can't express my thanks enough.

I saw that the Heat won the Finals and the Kings won the Stanley Cup thanks for letting me know. I was so pumped when I heard that especially since nobody I know likes the Heat. And Dad, I know that you're worried that I think about sports too much, and I understand. I am really trying hard to become a good teacher here at the MTC, I was just wondering who won and actually I really wanted to know since I am a big Heat fan you know. If it was another team then I could just know and that would be the end of it. I just want to let you know that I am 100% committed to learning here at the MTC. I'd like a Heat championship T-shirt maybe for x-mas or something, but you don't have to worry about that now. I also want to know who won the baseball college World Series.

As for one of Mom's letter and paragraph of questions, I will answer them. Things here are awesome. My district is so amazing and I love being with them so much. The package with the towels you sent me I sent back yesterday so you should be getting it tomorrow or Saturday. Being district leader has opened my eyes to how busy Dad must be as a bishop yet how patient, loving, and Christlike he must be because those are all attributes for a good district leader. I am loving it and it has been amazing becoming acquainted with the branch presidency because they are all great men and their wives are super nice and insightful. I have lots of meetings but I love them because you get to hear how the other districts are doing. My zone leaders are awesome. We got new zone leaders this week and they are both from England. So it's always funny trying to get them to say an American accent. Regarding gym time, I go over to that field almost every day to play beach volleyball. Yesterday I played softball and went 0-0 with 2 RBI's. On P-days I do get to go to the temple. The Provo temple is so beautiful especially the endowment room. I didn't know missionaries couldn't particpate in prayer circles so last week I embarassed myself trying to go in but being denied. That's okay it's the temple and I am just happy to be worthy to enter.

Hmmmmm something to tell the ward. I don't know, just that I am very thankful for the letters I have been recieving from everybody. It has been a real treat (TTTTTRRRRREEEEEAAAAATTTT!!!!!!!!) It has been a DELIGHT!!! You can tell that to Cody too. He'll get it. AHHH, 2 minutes. Yeah, go ahead and send the backpack to the mission home. You can send either a Samsonite, swiss gear, camelback, north face. I have seen all kinds of brands here at the MTC. It can have a logo on it just not something that stands out. Yes I got the box of cookies.

Sorry I have to go! I wish I could answer all of your questions but I have only 15 seconds left. Love You!
Elder Derek

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Utah Fun!

We were in Utah for two weeks between taking Derek to the MTC and the boys' sports' camps. It was way fun! John and Barbara are incredibly kind to let us stay for so long. 

This was our going away dinner on Tuesday night at Brick Oven, before Elder Sutherland entered the MTC.

       Our handsome missionary!                                 Cute Cait & Bill!

We had some family pictures taken before Derek went into the MTC. It would have been nice to have Dallin with us, but Jayce is going to change so much while Derek is gone, we went ahead and took one anyway.

This one is not my favorite -
 But I like this one -

Later in the week, we went bowling. It was way hot outside, so indoor activities were appealing.

I think Jayce ended up winning! :)

Another fun activity was Nickel City. 
Jayce stayed at this game the whole time...
 ...because it churned out the most tickets.
 Cody was having a good time, too. 
(But he refused to smile for the camera.)

Tough competitors!

I actually played lazer tag with the kids. It was a very long 15 minutes in that dark room. Yep, I was "Commander" and I still lost. Caitlin was "Cyclone" I think. She rocked it.

The Hoopes were so good to have a mini PQ2 reunion. We had a yummy barbecue with the Garrabrandts and Sextons.

Jayson did a football camp while we were up there. Yep, they were playing in the stadium! Derek would have been so excited. I thought the camp was just eh, and it was super hot! Jayce insisted Caitlin and I stay the entire time one day. We ate J-Dawgs (got it all over ourselves) and sweated. Fun times!

Jayce's favorite thing to do when we're at J&B's is to go see the river in their back yard. It is full of fun bugs and plants.

My little explorer.

Hayley and Johnny joined us!

Such a beautiful place!

On our last day in Provo, Jayce and I went exploring to the cool museums at BYU.

Jayce would have only been an appetizer for this big guy!

The Monte L. Bean museum was very fun. 
So many cool stuffed animals!

We had to be at BYU at 7:00 a.m. Saturday morning to pick up Cody. He had another awesome year at EFY. I am so grateful for that program! I was hoping he could help me stay awake during the long drive. What was I thinking?! He was exhausted!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Derek's First Letter!

Hey Mom! It's Elder Sutherland
I hope Cody is enjoying EFY and all is going well at home and with everybody. Did you let everybody know about Make sure to let everybody know because that's the easiest way. Also please don't send me e-mails because I have a time limit and can't read them on time. As for your questions that you sent me in a letter last week here are your answers:
1. When I first got here I unloaded my stuff and went to orientation. The first day so far was my least favorite.
2. I got my stuff organized and I am all settled in nicely.
3. My companion is Elder Ellis and he's from centerville, Utah. Everybody in my district except 2 of us are from the Mormon strip (Arizona, Utah, Idaho). He's pretty cool and types really fast as I type this, haha.
4. My classes are great! We have Brother Craft and Brother Gonzalez as our teachers plus the occasional trainer teacher. They are really cool and insightful on everything. We also teach them as they pretend to be investigators. Brother Craft is "Shawn" and Brother Gonzalez is "Beto".
5. The food is pretty good. Although I am already getting tired of it after only one week and can't wait to be fed in Missouri. I enjoy the meals because it means I get to sit and talk with everybody in my district.
6. I exercise 5 days a week. Well...kind of. Our district likes to play volleyball and I think it's really fun so I play it. I don't get much out of it but I do it, haha.
7. The spirit is great here although it is the toughest thing about it too. That is the main thing I am struggling with when I try to teach with the spirit. I keep thinking it's the spirit but I'm just not sure when I teach these people.
8. So almost everyday we teach somebody in TRC. Elder Ellis and I are teaching a really smart diplomat from the Bahamas who is named Alexandre Paul. He has a thick french accent and is hard to understand sometimes. We also teach an inactive member named Cole Jolley. He's from the Utah area here and is 20 years old. He went inactive because everybody was pressurizing him to serve a mission in his home ward when he didn't feel like it was for him, so he only goes when girls invite him, He is a very cool guy and appreciates our visits. I have been quoting movies a lot here and most people don't get it. I miss being able to laugh histerically with Cody doing that. Although some elders in my district say "But the children love the books" a lot. You can ask Cody what that's from. I laugh every time I hear it. I really appreciate all the letters and tell EVERYBODY to keep them coming. I see Elder Mackie almost every day. I took some pictures with him at the temple but I forgot my camera in the room so I'll send them next week. Elder Rollin Grimmett is in my zone and I see him a lot too. I have talked to him about what he did prior to coming up here. hmmmmmm...11 minutes left. As far as the missionary walk, whenever I do it I feel like a retard so I don't really do it. OHHHHHH Let me know who wins the NBA finals please because I heard the Heat are up 3-1 on the Thunder. Also tell me who won the Stanley cup and keep telling me how the Padres are doing. The package you sent me I did not need at all because the first morning I was there I bought some towels so can you give me intruction on how to tape it back up and send it back please? I would really appreciate it.
I have been appointed district leader and as such brings a lot of responsibility. Each Sunday I have meetings all day long, uggghhhh. I feel like Dad. But then again I shouldn't complain because at least I'm not zone leader. I'm sure I forgot something. Well, anyways I guess I'll finish now. OH Wait! The first night I was here I got really home sick because it finally hit me that I'm actually doing this, but now I'm over it and ready for my mission call. The MTC is great and I am very very grateful to be here. I love you guys soooooooooooo much and am thankkful for your support. I'll talk to you next week and can't wait for the letters and stuff from everybody. Bye, and I love you. Until next week,
Elder Derek Sutherland

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Send out a boy...

I recieved this text from my Dad this afternoon, shortly after we dropped off Derek at the MTC (he's new to the texting world)-

"How. Did it. Go?. Send. Out. A boy, get. Back. A. Man"

Well, I cried. Again. I didn't think it would be hard. Really, I have known for a long time that he's ready to serve the Lord for two years. I've known most of his life that he was born to do just that. But, today was hard.

All packed up!

The gang all loaded up to drive to the MTC!

Caitlin has her notes to study for a final exam she had to take right after we dropped him off.

In front of the MTC (Did you know they took down the sign that says Missionary Training Center?)

They had us drive into the MTC and turn left. All along the curb there are number signs for each car to park. We were lucky number 13 on the 13th of June.

Huggin my boy!

Jayce will be so big when he gets back...

These two are very close. 
This is one of the things I will miss the most.
Hug for Sister!

One last hug...
And he walks away...
For two years....

This is how we all felt as we drove away. 
Cody said, "Well... he's gone." 

We are really, really happy he is a missionary. We will just miss him. Even though he's been away at college for the past year, I could always text or call him and find out how he is. It's been about 24 hours since we dropped him off and I find myself wondering what he's doing right now...and right now...and right now. I know that will get better.

I know he will be watched over and protected.
I know he will be an instrument in the Lord's hands.

And, my dad was right- 
He is leaving a boy, and he will come back a man.

Monday, June 11, 2012

And We're Off!

Last night Derek was set apart as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He's ready.

 Missionary haircut

Missionary shirts, washed and ready to pack


Grandma and Grandpa came down for his setting apart.

Love these boys!

He will be watched over and protected because he is on the Lord's errand. Derek is His representative. 

We will just miss having him around. A lot.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Derek's Missionary Farewell Weekend!

Billy and Caitlin drove down from Provo. So fun to have them! And Kenny came straight from a business trip on his way home from China. We had him for two whole days! And Grandpa Barrow flew in for just Saturday and Sunday because Grandma had just had surgery and he couldn't leave her for long. And, lots of the Sutherland crew came!

On Sunday, before church. Kenny had to leave right after Sacrament meeting to catch a plane home.
 Grandpa Barrow, Kenny, and Derek!
 After church, we headed home for food and visiting. 


 Some of the crew!
 And more...
 And more.

On Saturday, we found ourselves with some time to play! (Well, I stayed home and worked on food and school :)).

 Wow. Powerful boys. Who knew?

 Exploring La Jolla Cove caves.

 Seals, sunbathing. And people, watching them.

Caitlin even had time to get new running shoes at Road Runner sports. Love that place! 
(Except I spend way too much money there!)

We are grateful so much of our family was able to come support Derek! And we know others wanted to come but couldn't. It's all good! 

Derek gave a wonderful talk. He said, "I've been thinking about this talk since I was in Primary." 

Wow, so proud of our son. Our son has chosen to serve a mission. He will represent Jesus Christ and teach His Gospel for two years to the people of Kansas and Missouri. 

You can follow his journey here on our blog.