December 2010

December 2010

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mother's Day

On a Mother's Day, years ago, I was out in the foyer (with a fussy baby or something) at church and noticed a friend sitting on the couch, crying. She was older than I was and had teenagers who were making painful choices in their lives. I think she was also struggling in her marriage (which is very common when you have tough teenagers). She told me she absolutely hates Mother's Day because it is a reminder of everything she isn't. Wow. I was so sad for her. Since then, I have spent a fair amount of Mother's Days crying because of Dallin, but I finally realized that his choices aren't my choices, and that was very freeing. I'm still very sensitive about Mother's Day because I think there are many people, like my friend, who feel emotion surrounding it. Maybe they haven't been able to have children, maybe they don't have a relationship with their own mother, etc.

This particular Mother's Day was a perfect one! I have a few favorite parts to Mother's Day (which are required, as far as I'm concerned!).

#1 Homemade gifts - Jayce made me the cutest card and a bookmark of himself!

Am I lucky to be this kid's mom, or what?

#2 Gifts of some's not about what it is, it's about being thought of. (This would go in my book entitled "Husband Training 101.") I had seen this breakfast cookbook at Williams Sonoma, actually we bought the book for Kenzie's shower gift, and I really wanted it. So, I told Mark, and he remembered. (He has responded well to training.)

#3 Being cooked for. You see, I cook all the time, ALL the time. I don't really mind except when I feel really unappreciated. I also sometimes think I have trained my boys to not eat unless I initiate feeding them...but I digress. On Mother's Day, I love that the boys and Mark cook for me. For most of our years together, it has meant breakfast in bed. The boys outdid themselves this year! Strawberries and whipped cream in separate bowls?! And they cut the flower from the yard.  (I love being served...but I never really like eating alone...)

Late that night, I received a phone call from Dallin. I've been mulling over a post to write for my other blog about it. I am grateful he called to wish me a happy Mother's Day. I am grateful for that. 

I am truly blessed. When I was young, more than anything I wanted a career. I don't know exactly why, if it was for the praise of men or because I truly love academic learning. But my career has been motherhood and it has been the hardest path I could've chosen. I had no idea. My sister in law and I were talking once about how much harder motherhood is than we had ever imagined and she said, "Maybe we should tell stop the madness...and not have children" (referring to our own children). But then we concluded that we want them to learn what we've learned, and we know that the joys are worth the sorrows.

I am grateful for a family who honored me on Mother's Day. More than that, I am grateful for the way my children choose to live their lives, because that is the greatest honor a mother could have.

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  1. Happy Mother's Day to my inspiration! I'm home today with 2 sick girls... Congratulations to Cody and so many good wishes to Derek! Please let me know when you get that book written :-) Love you all!