December 2010

December 2010

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Utah Fun!

We were in Utah for two weeks between taking Derek to the MTC and the boys' sports' camps. It was way fun! John and Barbara are incredibly kind to let us stay for so long. 

This was our going away dinner on Tuesday night at Brick Oven, before Elder Sutherland entered the MTC.

       Our handsome missionary!                                 Cute Cait & Bill!

We had some family pictures taken before Derek went into the MTC. It would have been nice to have Dallin with us, but Jayce is going to change so much while Derek is gone, we went ahead and took one anyway.

This one is not my favorite -
 But I like this one -

Later in the week, we went bowling. It was way hot outside, so indoor activities were appealing.

I think Jayce ended up winning! :)

Another fun activity was Nickel City. 
Jayce stayed at this game the whole time...
 ...because it churned out the most tickets.
 Cody was having a good time, too. 
(But he refused to smile for the camera.)

Tough competitors!

I actually played lazer tag with the kids. It was a very long 15 minutes in that dark room. Yep, I was "Commander" and I still lost. Caitlin was "Cyclone" I think. She rocked it.

The Hoopes were so good to have a mini PQ2 reunion. We had a yummy barbecue with the Garrabrandts and Sextons.

Jayson did a football camp while we were up there. Yep, they were playing in the stadium! Derek would have been so excited. I thought the camp was just eh, and it was super hot! Jayce insisted Caitlin and I stay the entire time one day. We ate J-Dawgs (got it all over ourselves) and sweated. Fun times!

Jayce's favorite thing to do when we're at J&B's is to go see the river in their back yard. It is full of fun bugs and plants.

My little explorer.

Hayley and Johnny joined us!

Such a beautiful place!

On our last day in Provo, Jayce and I went exploring to the cool museums at BYU.

Jayce would have only been an appetizer for this big guy!

The Monte L. Bean museum was very fun. 
So many cool stuffed animals!

We had to be at BYU at 7:00 a.m. Saturday morning to pick up Cody. He had another awesome year at EFY. I am so grateful for that program! I was hoping he could help me stay awake during the long drive. What was I thinking?! He was exhausted!


  1. That was fun when you were all up here! Is it lame that I wanted to go to the nickel arcade by myself when Caitlin was in St. George??

  2. What a great trip you had! I love the new family pictures! We ate at the Brick Oven with Alex before he went into the MTC as well :) Do you have an address for the Garrabrandt's?