December 2010

December 2010

Monday, June 25, 2012

Derek's First Letter!

Hey Mom! It's Elder Sutherland
I hope Cody is enjoying EFY and all is going well at home and with everybody. Did you let everybody know about Make sure to let everybody know because that's the easiest way. Also please don't send me e-mails because I have a time limit and can't read them on time. As for your questions that you sent me in a letter last week here are your answers:
1. When I first got here I unloaded my stuff and went to orientation. The first day so far was my least favorite.
2. I got my stuff organized and I am all settled in nicely.
3. My companion is Elder Ellis and he's from centerville, Utah. Everybody in my district except 2 of us are from the Mormon strip (Arizona, Utah, Idaho). He's pretty cool and types really fast as I type this, haha.
4. My classes are great! We have Brother Craft and Brother Gonzalez as our teachers plus the occasional trainer teacher. They are really cool and insightful on everything. We also teach them as they pretend to be investigators. Brother Craft is "Shawn" and Brother Gonzalez is "Beto".
5. The food is pretty good. Although I am already getting tired of it after only one week and can't wait to be fed in Missouri. I enjoy the meals because it means I get to sit and talk with everybody in my district.
6. I exercise 5 days a week. Well...kind of. Our district likes to play volleyball and I think it's really fun so I play it. I don't get much out of it but I do it, haha.
7. The spirit is great here although it is the toughest thing about it too. That is the main thing I am struggling with when I try to teach with the spirit. I keep thinking it's the spirit but I'm just not sure when I teach these people.
8. So almost everyday we teach somebody in TRC. Elder Ellis and I are teaching a really smart diplomat from the Bahamas who is named Alexandre Paul. He has a thick french accent and is hard to understand sometimes. We also teach an inactive member named Cole Jolley. He's from the Utah area here and is 20 years old. He went inactive because everybody was pressurizing him to serve a mission in his home ward when he didn't feel like it was for him, so he only goes when girls invite him, He is a very cool guy and appreciates our visits. I have been quoting movies a lot here and most people don't get it. I miss being able to laugh histerically with Cody doing that. Although some elders in my district say "But the children love the books" a lot. You can ask Cody what that's from. I laugh every time I hear it. I really appreciate all the letters and tell EVERYBODY to keep them coming. I see Elder Mackie almost every day. I took some pictures with him at the temple but I forgot my camera in the room so I'll send them next week. Elder Rollin Grimmett is in my zone and I see him a lot too. I have talked to him about what he did prior to coming up here. hmmmmmm...11 minutes left. As far as the missionary walk, whenever I do it I feel like a retard so I don't really do it. OHHHHHH Let me know who wins the NBA finals please because I heard the Heat are up 3-1 on the Thunder. Also tell me who won the Stanley cup and keep telling me how the Padres are doing. The package you sent me I did not need at all because the first morning I was there I bought some towels so can you give me intruction on how to tape it back up and send it back please? I would really appreciate it.
I have been appointed district leader and as such brings a lot of responsibility. Each Sunday I have meetings all day long, uggghhhh. I feel like Dad. But then again I shouldn't complain because at least I'm not zone leader. I'm sure I forgot something. Well, anyways I guess I'll finish now. OH Wait! The first night I was here I got really home sick because it finally hit me that I'm actually doing this, but now I'm over it and ready for my mission call. The MTC is great and I am very very grateful to be here. I love you guys soooooooooooo much and am thankkful for your support. I'll talk to you next week and can't wait for the letters and stuff from everybody. Bye, and I love you. Until next week,
Elder Derek Sutherland


  1. Cute letter and he he gave you so many details! That's wonderful. What a great missionary you have prepared!

  2. Tear 'em up Elder Sutherland!! Eat nails and crap thunder!