December 2010

December 2010

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Derek's Missionary Farewell Weekend!

Billy and Caitlin drove down from Provo. So fun to have them! And Kenny came straight from a business trip on his way home from China. We had him for two whole days! And Grandpa Barrow flew in for just Saturday and Sunday because Grandma had just had surgery and he couldn't leave her for long. And, lots of the Sutherland crew came!

On Sunday, before church. Kenny had to leave right after Sacrament meeting to catch a plane home.
 Grandpa Barrow, Kenny, and Derek!
 After church, we headed home for food and visiting. 


 Some of the crew!
 And more...
 And more.

On Saturday, we found ourselves with some time to play! (Well, I stayed home and worked on food and school :)).

 Wow. Powerful boys. Who knew?

 Exploring La Jolla Cove caves.

 Seals, sunbathing. And people, watching them.

Caitlin even had time to get new running shoes at Road Runner sports. Love that place! 
(Except I spend way too much money there!)

We are grateful so much of our family was able to come support Derek! And we know others wanted to come but couldn't. It's all good! 

Derek gave a wonderful talk. He said, "I've been thinking about this talk since I was in Primary." 

Wow, so proud of our son. Our son has chosen to serve a mission. He will represent Jesus Christ and teach His Gospel for two years to the people of Kansas and Missouri. 

You can follow his journey here on our blog.

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  1. cant wait to read abt elder sutherland's activities !