December 2010

December 2010

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Graduation Party at David and Kathy's!

David and Kathy hosted a graduation party at their home in Riverton. We all had so much fun! Cafe Rio for dinner hit the spot!

Goofy kids.

Happy Grandma.

Almost newlyweds!

I absolutely love this picture of my brothers. I imagine David just said something funny...

We were celebrating Diane's birthday, too! We had more desserts than dinner...

Fun girls!

My dad had this hilarious game where he asked each of the graduates questions about their major, their favorite class, their least favorite class, etc. Caitlin was dubbed as a pseudo graduate so she got a mickey mouse paddle ball game, since she has a mickey mouse degree. Grandpa is just funny. The game was way fun and had us all laughing. 

Billy and Caitlin's BYU Commencement!

We arrived in Provo just in time for the afternoon Commencement ceremony. There were a sea of graduates. Our kids were SO far away, we couldn't really pick them out. Billy and Caitlin are sitting right next to Kenzie. Mark was able to find the kids with his telephoto lens.

Elder Oaks was the Commencement speaker. He was funny and eloquent. He told a story of mistakes made on diplomas. One man who was being given an honorary Master's Degree for Christian service was given a diploma that read, "Award for Master's of Christian Science." It was funny...maybe you had to be there.

Our beautiful graduate!

Our beautiful graduates!

Caitlin and her great friend Adrianne.

 The parentals.

The kidlets.

The Sutherland crew. Grandma and Grandpa made huge efforts to support their grandchildren at graduation. They had four grandchildren or spouses of grandchildren graduating. And these kids are graduating because of help from Grandpa!

Bruce and Karen Barnes were there also. I don't know why I don't have pictures of them. It was a happy, albeit crowded occasion!

Jeremy's Missionary Farewell!

On April 15th, we went up to Orange County for Jeremy's missionary farewell. We attended church to hear Jeremy speak, and then all went over to the Mackie's house for brunch. A bunch of our family was able to make it, which was wonderful!

Here are the three Sutherland brothers.

All five Sutherland children! Having them together doesn't happen very often.

Mom, Dad, and the Sutherland kids.

The cousins who were able to attend!

The Mackie family. Colin recently returned from his mission and Jeremy is headed out.

The whole Sutherland crew in attendance at the farewell. 

Jeremy actually enters the Missionary Training Center today!! He's going to be a great missionary! And we are blessed by his willingness to serve.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Fun!

We arrived back in town at 11:30 Easter morning. Yep, we left Provo late Saturday night, stopped in Cedar City and slept in a hotel for five whole hours, and then drove the rest of the way home to make it in time for 1:00 church. It sounds crazy, and it was, but our Sacrament meeting was so worth all the hassle. We had beautiful messages and music.

Luckily, the Easter Bunny didn't pass us by and the boys had Easter baskets waiting for them when we got home!

After church, Derek hid eggs for Cody and Jayce to hunt.

 Pennie helping...

 We have several of these growing in our yard and I love them!

We had a wonderful Easter. It was fun to have Derek home! I just wish we would have spent more time focussing on the Savior.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Wonderful Wedding!

What a beautiful day for a wedding... the Provo Temple

with the Angel Moroni on top.

The natives were restless as we waited for the bride and groom to emerge....

You know the bride and groom are forthcoming 
when you see the happy mother and father of the bride....

 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Nelson!

A soon to be eternal family!

 What a great looking family!

Afterward, we all hung out at John and Barbara's while waiting for the reception to start. They fed us all lunch. They worked so hard and it was so nice and beautiful!

On Friday, before the big wedding day, 
we shared a big day with Derek. 
We started with breakfast at Kneaders with Travis and Cami.
 They have the most amazing all-you-can-eat french toast!

And, then, we all met at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple for Derek to receive his endowments. Grandma & Grandpa Sutherland, John & Barbara, Greg, Billy & Caitlin, Travis & Cami, and Jack and Marjorie Hepworth were all able to attend with him. It was a wonderful day!