December 2010

December 2010

Sunday, May 13, 2012

League Prelims & Finals Pole Vault

Cody was supposed to jump 12'9" to qualify for League Finals. He only made 12'3".

We found out the day before League Finals that instead of taking the top 9 jumpers, they took the top 12. That got Cody in!

He had to jump 12'9" to qualify for CIF's. And he nailed it on his second attempt!
(Sorry for all the pics...I just love the series.)

CIF here we come! 


  1. CODY IS AWESOME!!! Can't wait to hear all about CIFs this weekend! I am going to write an e-mail right now about the speed stuff...sorry I haven't yet.

  2. Yeah Cody! I can't wait to watch you vault in the 2020 olympics!