December 2010

December 2010

Thursday, May 10, 2012

More Provo trip...Graduation, SLC Marathon, Wedding, & Birthday!

I am so busy, SO busy. I am only taking three classes, but my classes are a ton of work! And my life outside of school somehow got busier. Ugh! But, I have lots to blog about, LOTS! So, I need to get these pictures in here and move on to current stuff!

Sooo, back to BYU graduation...I loved these pictures. We could see them, but they hadn't found us...

Billy spotted us, but Cait was still looking...

Ah, she sees us!

And then she and Derek do this hands up and down kind of dance.

 You'd have to see it in real life for it to make sense...

We got them both as they were headed up on the stage...

...and then Caitlin when she was getting her diploma...

But we didn't catch Billy until he had already passed. Sorry, Billy!

After graduation, we had to take pictures with the BYU cougar, of course!

I had to have this picture...look at that face...I love it!

And, the official, by the sign, picture!

Flashback...first day of preschool...

College graduation! How did this happen? Man, I'm crying...

On Saturday, we got up at a ridiculously early time (4:30 a.m.) to get to Salt Lake in time to figure out where to park to get them to the starting line, and to take pictures, of course.

Starting line!

 I was the designated sweatshirt holder, purse holder, Jess' camera holder.... But it was a beautiful sunrise!
 Mile 5!
 Mile 7!

 Dancing at mile 9!
 Sprinting the finish!!

 The clock! They came in better than 10 minute mile pace a lot!
 "We did it!"

Then we had to rush back to get ready for Kenzie's big day! 
The wedding at the Draper temple!

A bunch of cuties!

 Love these guys! 

Jess, doing what she does. :)
 Love that girl!
 The flowers at the temple were absolutely stunning!
 And, finally, the bride and groom emerge!
 The Barrow crew!
So sweet of my aunt and uncle to make the drive.

On Sunday, we celebrated Caitlin's birthday! She had had 30 days of celebrating, actually, and it culminated with dinner and birthday cake and John and Barbara's house.

What a fun time we had in Utah! 
And we get to go back in a month to take Derek to the MTC! 

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  1. Awww I'm so cute! I can't believe I'm now 22 YEARS OLD! I still feel like i'm 5. This was such a fun trip, can't wait to see you in like 3 ish weeks :)