December 2010

December 2010

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Derek Letter 10-22-12

Sorry, no pictures this week. My camera is out of battery anyways. Yes Mom, I got your package. I loved all the goodies in there especially the Frankenberry and Count Chocula cereal boxes. I can't wait to eat more tomorrow, haha. As far as my ballot, I opened it on Monday, voted for the first time ever, and sent it back in on Tuesday. I think it should be in the voters office by now. It was fun being able to vote. I had Elder Clare help me on a few issues just to see his opinion. There were some that I had no clue what or who to vote for. But I just voted for the name that sounded better. Except for the president of the United States. I voted for the correct one there. Is California still heavily in favor of Obama? I don't know how that state gets so many crazy people out there. Ohwell. You did not send too much candy. It was awesome to see what's in there. I also looked at the price to send it and I was really thankful for you sending it yet a little ashamed for asking for stuff that I may not REALLY need. But I am really grateful to have loving parents who support their missionaries! As for the gloves, we bought some for me to use at school at REI last summer. If you could find those that would be perfect. But for the ear muffs you may need to get them before Christmas. We'll just have to wait and see what the weather is like for the rest of the calendar year. I'll be sure to let you know if I'll need them or not because it has been quite warm here the past week or so.
So, as for my week, it was a little frustrating without a car. We were supposed to get the car but the zone leaders changed their mind last minute and kept the car because they were going on exchanges in Salina. So that messed up everything because now the branch Elders quorum doesn't know we don't have a car since that's where we announce that we need a ride at all this week. On Tuesday it was especially frustrating because we literally couldn't find anyone to take us to Manhattan for our district meeting. So we just didn't go. Elder Clare wasn't happy since he's district leader and prepared a lesson for nothing. I guess he can always give it next week. As a result, we had to bike into Wamego one extra day this week. Speaking of biking into town, my legs are now super buff. But now that we get the car back this week, they'll go flabby (like Larry the lobster and his latissimus dorsi). Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday took us over an hour to bike into town because of the stupid headwind. On Thursday, the gusts got up to 45 mph coming from the northwest (AKA right in our face) and it took us an hour and a half just to bike into town. By that time our legs were jello. But we had to go to St. George to help this potential investigator mow her lawn (she has a bad back and foot). So in all we biked 3 hours from our house, to St. George, and back to Wamego. Not only that but Rosetta's lawn mower didn't work so we went out there for nothing. But you know what, I honestly didn't care we were going through all these hardships because I know we will be blessed somehow, someway. Even though I had jello legs (and a soar behind), we had a pretty good day. We've made lots of friends here and many people in this relatively small town know us well. On Saturday, it took us only 42 minutes and 45 seconds to bike into town because of the wind at our backs and the strong legs we have developed over the week. That was a new record for us. As for the work, this week has been tough when it comes to numbers. We had zero investigators at Sacrament meeting (that's always our biggest issue), and only 2 member presents. We've been working hard but the numbers sure don't show it. Whenever we teach the restoration, the most frustratring thing is having people recognize that the authority was lost in the great apostasy and therefore there was a need for the restoration. The Catholics claim they have it but since they are the source of the great apostasy, they actually didn't have it. People say "oh, I've already been baptized" whenever we invite them to make that covenant. It's just frustrating for them to pass at their eternal salvation. One other thing, we have this missionary in our zone who is serving in Manhattan and goes home in 2 and a half weeks (at our next transfers) who has become lazy since he is going home soon. The missionary that he is training has suffered from it. I just want to tell you this because I am making a promise right now that I will not be one of those missionaries. And if I happen to be, go ahead and slap me when I get home.
It sure sounds like you had a great day in Lancaster! It's so awesome to be able to live close to family like we do now. But I'm sure Kellie had the best 18 months of her life. Wow, Kenny is going on a mission and is now an Elder! That's awesome! I can't wait to hear where he goes. I am thinking it is going to be foreign but the Lord knows so we'll let him decide. Also, sounds like Cody's eagle project is coming along well. You'll have to send me pictures because I won't be able to understand what exactly he's doing unless I have a visual. That's aweosme that you're working on school and hopefully about top get a full-time job! Is this your last semester of school? I can't remember what you've told me before. How are Billy and Caitlin doing? Oh, I keep forgetting to ask Dad a question: Do you know a Greg Seljestad? He is a larger guy and a mechanical engineer at CAT here in Wamego (I actually don't know what type of engineering). He was at BYU and the engineering department at the same time you were, I think. So I wanted to know if that name rung a bell at all.
Alright Jayson, I'll answer your questions. My mission has been going awesome possum and I feel like there are a lot of kids here that you would like and be fun to play with. I haven't gotten any more baptisms since your birthday. We've been very close on a few people but they just don't want to make that commitment. The members here really like the work we are doing but if we could have a bit more support that would be helpful to get you more baptisms. We have had only one or two people that like what we teach so much that we go over everyday. That is very rare, though. Once somebody does what we tell them (go to church, read, and pray), then that's when they want us over usually. I have been in the same place the whole time and expect to stay here for a little while longer (at least until the end of the year). Sorry, I wish I could write more letters or at least have more time. But my only day allowed to write is on Pday. If I write on any other day, then I won't get the Lord's blessings of missionary success. WOW! Your baptism sounds so cool! I remember the water in my baptism. I was scared that it was going to be cold. But it was really warm. And that helped God tell me taht he loves me and wnats me to continue to be a good boy. It also sounds like school has been fun with your teacher. I hear that Mrs. Shalinsky is very, very nice and helps you a lot. Are you learning a lot Jayce? Do you know how to spell iofhwerhlqwedhqwluierblwuiegt? That's one of my favorite words. That's is also a very funny Looney Tunes quote. I'll try and give you one too.
Well, thanks for the support everybody! I appreciate the prayers and everything including letters. I love you all,
Elder Sutherland
PS: "I want my diamond. Where is it? WHERE IS MY HUMONGOUS ROCK!!!????"

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