December 2010

December 2010

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cody's Eagle Project

Eagle projects are really hard. They are the bane of a mother's existence. Luckily, I have a wonderful husband who is right in there with me. And we have an amazing scoutmaster. The boy scout council here is very picky about the projects they will approve. It has to benefit the community and the scout has to show leadership. Cody attempted to start his project more than a year ago. When he went to talk to the ranger in July we found out the original project he had been offered had been scrapped. But, the county was building community gardens and the ranger asked Cody to build a compost bin to handle all the green waste from the gardens. One of the main goals of an eagle project is for a scout to learn to communicate and, well, lead. Cody really struggled because he doesn't like talking to people. It's not just that he doesn't like it, he just gets nervous and doesn't know what to say. That has been hard, but he's learned a lot.

 Brother Peterson is freakin awesome. 

 This was day one of the project - building the parts at Bro. Peterson's house.

 Two scouts will contribute to the gardens. And they got to attend a ribbon cutting ceremony with our County Supervisor. It was a big deal and a great opportunity for the scouts.

It was good for Cody to be there and actually speak to her.

 This was the beginning of the second day...when we were putting it together for real.

 Did I mention how awesome Bro. Peterson is? (He's in the hat.)

 Turning it over to work on the roof.

 Preparing the ground.

 Cody Sutherland, eagle scout in training.

At the end of the first day...most of the structure done and in place.

After things like this, I feel such gratitude for a ward family who comes together to help. I love all of these men. Some stayed outside in the hot, Santa Ana winds day for the whole six hours. It was a very long day! And we're not done yet!

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