December 2010

December 2010

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Derek Letter 11-12-12


Hey Cody, guess what. It's your birthday tomorrow. Did you know that because I did. You're 17! I can't believe you're 17. Whatever. I will be 50 one day, that's for sure. Did you know that it's also my 5 month mark tomorrow? Time sure has been flying by in a way.

Okay, This past week was a very challenging week for me getting over the fact that Elder Clare is gone and I have to do everything when he did a lot being district leader and all. I was pretty Elder Clare-sick (compare to homesickness) on Thursday and Friday and a little bit on Saturday. But I think I'm over it now and ready to move on because I knew it was inevitable. It was just a matter of when. I was on my knees a lot over those 2-3 days asking for help and never give up. I think I have grown a lot in just the past week. So, on Thursday, we went to the transfer station to say bye to a lot of close fellow missionaries (every companionship in the zone changed this transfer). Zone leader Casper turned AP and Elder Clare went to Topeka to become a zone leader. I am training for the first time an elder fresh from the MTC. His name is Elder Black from Brigham City, Utah (Utah, I know). He is 19 and is the second child of 4 in his family: an older sister and 2 younger brothers. I am still in Wamego and we are being blessed because of this new elder here. We have 3 with a date still but we have gotten a couple new investigators that seem pretty solid. Nobody came to church, though even though we invited like 6 or 7 people. I don't know why people commit but don't come. It just doesn't make sense at all. I guess it's just the theme of missionary life. Elder Black is indeed working pretty hard. He has that desire to work hard therefore pushing me to be a little better in my training. It has waked me up to a new desire to work. I feel that I have developed that sons of Mosiah care where the very thought of some one to endure endless torment without this gospel shakes me to the very core of my being.

This week, we also did 5 hours of service: more than we have ever done before in a week. 3 of those we raked leaves for one of our investigators without her knowing. Her neighbor found out and told her anyways. Ohwell. It was fun to do that. So I assume Mom has been so busy that she can't e-mail anymore or maybe she just decided to combine emails. That's fine as long as I get an e-mail, haha! That's awesome that she got that job at Del Norte! I bet it will be a blessing for the family that will help financially and not having idle time (even though I personally know myself that Mom is the hardest working person I know). Oh, Dad. You can tell me what time you woke up Saturday morning because I guaruntee you that I have woken up later then it (2 PM).

Is Jayce really that big? I think I got that bike in 3rd or 4th grade or something like that. I would love to work on his fielding with him. Just remember to stay down and have the glove out in front of you on the ground instead of just in-between your legs. About his mis-behavior at school, sure I wouold worry and pray for him and I definitely will but I remember when I was a kid and doing that dumb stuff in class. Especially 2nd grade. But maybe that's how I changed: your prayers. And of course having the Dallin problem helped tell me that I didn't want that. How tall is he? I think I better watch out. He might become taller than me. Who knows maybe he'll reach my shoulders by the time I get home. Dad, I always love hearing about your store discoveries. That new one that you found ought to be fun for you. I know how much Mom loves Crate and Barrel so therefore you must love it a lot, haha! Woah! Maddy's a senior! When did that happen? I know she'll be great at one of the BYU's. I'm sure being bishop is a tough one. I just got Mom's e-mail. Sorry, no pictures today. We have our bike week this week and it got really, really cold yesterday after being in the mid-70's on Saturday. It was in the mid 30's all day Sunday. So it's almost time to break out the winter coat. Brother Earl has helped get a new bike for Elder Black. But he'll have to purchase a new one eventually. Well Dad, I wish you the best at work and do my best to pray for you in your calling but I'm always so dead at night when I pray and sometimes can't remember. That's one of my biggest struggles right now: my prayers. I need to get those a little more personal and relate to my father in heaven.

Yay! Hooray for wrestling! Wrestling starts today here too. There's this one guy in the branch who is also a Junior in High school and is one of the best wrestlers in the state of Kansas. I am not sure if you could take him, Cody. He is built like a wrestler too. Well, I thank you for sending me e-mails because I really look forward to them every week. If there's anything you want to know, let me know. I am here to answer your questions and tell you about my mission too. Thanksgiving is next week and I can't wait to stuff myself full of delicousness. Thanks for everything you do and I hope you all have a great week.

Elder Sutherland

PS: "Surprise! Happy birthday Squidward! Happy happy birthday. Happy birthday cake! Happy happy birthday. Happy birthday soup (I don't know what they say here)! Happy happy birthday. Happy birthday pin the tail on the donkey! Happy happy birthday! Happy birthday Squidward!...WOOH! See ya later! Have a nice life!"
"It's not my BIRTHDAY!!!!!"

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