December 2010

December 2010

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Derek Letter 10-15-12

It's a great day to be a missionary in the Missouri, Independence Mission! This week has been a blast! It was also cool to see the pictures of Pennie at the church. That must have been very funny to see her have the time of her life since she never gets out of the house. Well, now I can't wait to get that package you sent me! I am looking forward to it. I hope California wises up this year on the election. Are people there still heavily in favor of Obama or has it swinged towards Romney a bit? I wonder if Westview will do a mock election like they did when I was there. That was pathetic how the high schoolers voted but it was fun to participate. Dad also told me Cody had his first (and probably not last) migraine! That really stinks. Do you know how he got it? I could tell him all about those and how to handle them. So, I laughed when you told me taht you got a C on your stats test because I'm sure I would be satisfied with that score. Just kidding I don't know. That's really awesome that you're really working hard in school. It provides an example for your family and for those around you. Is Brother Luckow good at math? I mean he should be because of his career field but nobody seemed to be able to help with my calculus homework senior year. Ohwell, what's done is done. Sounds like a you had a blast with the pumpkin patch. Any good pumpkins to carve this year? Hopefully they can be good carvings too. Oh, I saw Jayson's cub scout troop and it reminded me of yesterday when we were tracting and how we also met a cub scout doing fundraising who was decked out in his uniform and everything. It was nice to talk to them and tell them we were official Eagle Scouts. That's awesome that you saw those 2 sealings! Who did Caitlan McConnell marry? ELDER STANLEY!!!!!!!! I remember him! I went with him to go teach Bobby one time! That is way way way cool. I wish I was there to see him. It's great to hear that Thomas and Kellie both got home. 3 missionaries getting home in the span of a month must be pretty cool. I wonder how Thomas liked his mission; it would seem pretty tough to get used to I would believe. I can't wait to hear where Kenny goes. He'll be another great asset for our Heavenly Father. Wow. Tyler is engaged...This is going to stink not being able to see him for 18 months. Ohwell. I'll be able to see them eventually and that's all what matters. Congratulations, cousin. Hopefully the December stress can be cooled off this year since it's technically not a family reunion.
Okay, now to tell you about my week and the devotional...actually all day Saturday. So, on Saturday, we left Wamego at 9:30 with Mike and Pam (she's the investigator in the part-member family) and got to the KC temple at around noon. We went inside and just stood in the foyer and waiting room. Mike is so eager to go in the whole temple and regrets not being able to go to the open house a few months before his baptism. He might go and do baptisms for the dead this Saturday hopefully. We'll see. After we went inside the temple, we had lunch at Taco Bell and headed for the Independence visitors center (sorry. I forgot to take pictures). We had the whole tour of our plan of happiness video and the sisters of the visitors center even sang to us the song "All Creatures of our God and King". It was also pouring rain off and on all day. But we happened to be inside when the rain decided to come on down. After that, we had the devotional. We got there an hour and a half early so that we could get decent seats...and we did. A great view of the pulpit and the whole choir. The wait was worth it. Elder Clare got to touch Gladys Knight's hand. I didn't know she was that big of a celebrity. I had only just heard of her on my mission. Her choir was awesome. It was a little uncomfortable at first because they were singing soul gospel music type stuff in the Independence stake center. But I got into it and really enjoyed it. Both her testimony and the testimony of her husband are amazing. Her husband said "if you don't join this gospel, you will be held accountable in the judgement seat" or something like that. If you are a non-member, I don't know how you couldn't be moved to listen to the missionaries. After the event, we went to dinner (more like breakfast for dinner) at IHOP and got home rather late. But the whoel trip was awesomely amazing. I sure am grateful to be on my mission and every night I always think of how tough it will be to go home. Luckily I still have 20 more months! I hit my 4 month mark on Saturday too.
So, Dad it was great to get your letter. But I'm sorry, sometimes I can't respond a whole lot. But I love hearing from you and always pray for you and your calling as Bishop. It's great to hear that Tyler Payne got the packages. I wonder what missionaries would be like if they got that many care packages. They would probably faint because of the amazingness of it, haha! Good job with the car! I probably just would have taken it to the shop in the first place. At least the van is fixed! All right, well, let me know if anybody wants to know anything. I love you all and appreciate your support. Love,
Elder Sutherland
PS: "Oh great. It's the Walter committee. What are we gonna do?"
"You are surrounded. Come out with your hands up."
"Okay okay okay. You got me. Here's the door, here's the kid. But before you take me away, I have one thing to say: Catch!"
"Stop him! Do not let him get away."
"Wait, he has the child! Ugghh!"

I also got to speak an entire lesson in Spanish yesterday. It was awesome because I could understand a lot of what he was saying and felt blessed that I could actually communicate! He now has a Book of Mormon and we'll check to see him next week. But he spoke really, really fast. I was surpised that we even did teach him and commit him to read it. I spoke a lot and he understood most of it. But since Elder Clare was actually called Spanish (he knows 3 languages! ASL is the other) he did most of the lesson. We also tried another guy who was spanish but he wasn't there yesterday. Okay, now I'm done, haha! Just remember my acne medication. Thanks!!!

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