December 2010

December 2010

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Just us Girls!

Well, almost. Billy was there, too.

I have always dreamed of spending a few days up in Utah with Caitlin, and my dream came true! We had kind of planned to go up to Utah as a family after Christmas because Billy and Caitlin had to go back up for work, but we decided to just send me instead. It was a blast!

To get a cheap flight (relatively), I flew to Denver, had a three hour layover, and then flew to Salt Lake. It always bothers me to fly past a destination before actually going there. And, the turbulence was absolutely the worst I've ever felt (do you think it was because it was a cheap flight?). Anyway, I arrived late on Wednesday night. Thursday morning, we went for a long walk (both of us are fighting colds, so no running) and then we showered and got ready for the day. Then we made a grocery list for all the recipes we wanted to try while I was in town. Next on the agenda was Caitlin getting her hair cut. She cut off eight inches!! (Insert picture here, that I didn't take). The stylist also took time to curl her whole hair. It was so pretty! (Again, insert picture here.) We ran to the store to get just the things we needed to make sweet & sour meatballs in the crock pot, then we ran home to put it all together before heading for the mall.

We went to gap and found some great deals and decided to not return the jeans she got for Christmas. Then we went to Banana Republic and she found an adorable coat that was on sale for $99, but she didn't get it (and later lamented). We had to hustle home to finish dinner and eat before heading up to the Draper temple to attend Abbie's own endowment session! The Hepworth's were there, and Charlotte and Danielle, and the Dunn's, of course! Abbie was one of my Mia Maids almost 10 years ago!

After the temple, we met Billy at JCW's for milkshakes. (I really wanted chocolate cake from The Chocolate, but they were closed :(. )

On Friday, we opted to not exercise and go out to breakfast at Magelby's. Oh my! Best pancakes I've ever had! They looked kind of like this, but not exactly. But, oh, so good!

Billy had to go to work, so we had to go play. We went to the mall to try to find the aforementioned coat, and it wasn't there! They checked other stores and found it, and Caitlin took back a shirt I had gotten her, and the coat was on sale for $79, so she ended up paying like $25 for a $200 coat that is so cute! Then we went to a shoe store to look for boots, but ended up trying on a ton of shoes, but getting irritated by the experience. She ended up with two pair of shoes, and I got one. Then we headed back to Nordstrom to the Clinique counter to find some make up. It was way fun to get Caitlin color matched and find just the perfect stuff! By now we were kind of over shopping (believe it or not) and we needed to go home to cook some more yummy stuff.

We made baked creamy chicken taquitos and creamy lime-cilantro dressing. We got it all ready to take some to Billy on his short break at work. Oh, we made chocolate zucchini bread, too!

After that we went back to her place and watch The Help. I had read the book, and wanted to see the movie. It was way good! Except Billy came home at the very, very end, like the emotional part, so he had to pretend he wasn't home yet so we could experience the end. Haha.

On Saturday we woke up and did the walk up and around the Provo temple. Again, we should've been running, but neither of us felt up to it. Then we came back home to make some yummy breakfast. We made apple cinnamon roll thingys and little smokies wrapped in bacon. It took forever, but was worth it. Then we showered and got ready to hit the town.

We headed up to a mall where they had Crate and Barrel (we love that store, and to visit Abbie) and another store H&M. It was headache-status-crowded so we got out of H&M as fast as we could. We also were in charge of dessert, so we got a cheesecake and the Cheesecake Factory to take to dinner at John and Barbara's house that night. Little did we know that everyone in Utah decided to shop at that mall and at the Cheesecake Factory that day!

We went home, got ready for dinner, and headed over the John and Barbara's for dinner. We got to meet Dan, Hayley's boyfriend. He's super awesome! And he handled my interrogation questions pretty well. I may be banned from the family, now, though.

Then, back to Caitlin and Billy's to play some games and welcome in the new year!

It was a super fun trip, one I've always dreamed to take. I wish we could've cooked more. I really want to make bread and homemade cinnamon rolls, but that will be after she gets a Bosch! The trip was just too short, even though we had three whole days to ourselves to just play! And, the BYU Bookstore was closed so we couldn't get cherry sours, which is a highlight of a trip to Utah. Also, I didn't get Cafe Rio. What was I thinking?

Thanks for having me, Cait and Bill! What a treat!


  1. I dream about a mother daughter day like that some day too!

  2. How fun! I've been blessed with a couple of those and look forward to more :)