December 2010

December 2010

Monday, January 2, 2012

Barrow Family Reunion

My ENTIRE family came to San Diego (after living here 20 years I now claim this as home) from Texas for our family reunion. This was a dream come true for me. I LOVE MY FAMILY! Everyone arrived on Saturday sometime. We booked a hotel in Del Mar. I wish I had more pictures of it because it was very nice, yet still affordable. The views were beautiful!

On Sunday, everyone attended our church service (I think we took up three or four entire rows). And then we came back to our house to eat a yummy ham dinner and share family stories. The theme my dad chose for the reunion was "Getting to Know You." He had us prepare the music from The King and I, which we played before sharing family stories. Mark also made a DVD of pictures from previous reunions. It was a great day!

Maggie was pretty tuckered out after family pictures on Monday.

Grandma was very excited to be in San Diego.
After family pictures in the morning on Monday, some of us went up and hiked Torrey Pines. I hate to admit I have lived here more than 20 years and have never hiked it! It was breathtakingly beautiful!
 This is Jess' typical pose...
Cute Jayce on the hike.

 Look at that view!! And I don't just mean Maggie.

 The hiking crew!

No wait, THIS is the view. I wish we could've hiked longer. We were only there like 30 minutes because we had to get to In N Out.  Priorities, you know.

We converged on In N Out and our red shirts pretty much took up the whole place. Aren't the shirts great?! Kenzie designed them!

Speaking of Kenzie, see that guy? That's Steve, her fiance'! Welcome to the family, Steve!
After we replenished our energy, we went to the San Diego Food Bank to sort cans.
 This is my cute niece, Jillian. She didn't really like being in the bin, but we all talked to her as we sorted. It was safer in there for her.
 We sorted 17 bins of cans! That's tons more than our youth do when we go as a church youth group.
 Mom found her niche, holding little Riley!

 And Jayce and his new buddy for life, Robbie. They had met before the reunion, but never hit it off quite like they did this time. Jayce said, "It's like having a brother my age!"

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