December 2010

December 2010

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2011

We had the Taylor-Jensen's over for Christmas Eve dinner and our little program. We love them!
After the evening festivities, Cody finished the second puzzle of the season.
 Cookies and milk for Santa!
Cinnamon rolls rising for Christmas morning.
Our family routine is the kids have to wait on my bed until everyone has assembled before they can come down to see what Santa brought.

 Santa brought a trampoline!
And another nerf gun! This one shoots discs!
 Christmas Breakfast! Our favorite!

 Pennie got a bone...she was busy with it all day. And if we tried to take it, well, she got grumpy!

 No holiday is complete without tons of dishes, haha!

 Jayce made this for Cody!
 Pennie helping Derek with his present...

This holiday season was wonderful, just way too busy! I want to try to slow it down a bit and I will make every effort to next year. The reunion and wedding were wonderful! But Christmas came and went too quickly! I am so very grateful for time...time with family. I love my family so much! And we get to spend more time together over the holiday...we play, do puzzles, watch movies, go for runs, shop, cook, and eat. We are so blessed!

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  1. Oh man looks like Christmas was awesome as usual! Can't wait to be there next year :) thanks for having an early Christmas with us! Billy says it was very nice of Derek to let Pennie help him open his presents