December 2010

December 2010

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Banner Week!

Seriously! We've had a very normal week - school, work, laundry, broken dishwasher, more school - but we've had some very exciting things happen that need to be recorded!

First of all, Derek submitted his mission papers! This is what the status said on Tuesday -
And as of Friday, the status of his papers say, "Assignment Made," which I think means he has a call, it just has to get mailed to us!

So, we're thinking it will be this week, we'll know where this handsome kid is going to serve the Lord for the next two years! See, he even has his missionary badge on!

Another wonderful event this week, my niece, Hayley, got engaged!! We love Dan, and we especially love her! She is best friend cousins with all of my kids! And our families are very close! We are so excited!!

And the week rounded off with Cody winning a gold medal at his wrestling tournament yesterday. Three matches, three pins, three wins = gold medal!

Last week we had a tough dual match against our rival school, Mt. Carmel. We won almost every match! Our varsity was awesome! And, Cody won!

Jayce insisted I include this picture of the monster bubble he made. I think it fits in our awesome week!

I have pondered on spiritual lessons this week - Do you know how long I have hoped and prayed that we would have a missionary from our family? I mean, I do have four sons! When they were little I sang to them, "I Hope They Call me on a Mission." And, do you know how long I have prayed for and put Hayley's name in the temple? The Lord hears and answers prayers, and it's often in the "waiting upon the Lord" we find ourselves closer to Him. As many sadnesses as we have had in years past, this joy surpasses it.

Last night I thanked Cody for being such a good kid. I think he thought that was a weird thing for me to say. I told him how fun it was to have him around, fun to talk to, fun to goof around with, and how fun it is to cheer him on in life. This has been a good week because more than anything, I am recognizing how very blessed I am. And it's the people in my life, my family, that are my greatest blessings.

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