December 2010

December 2010

Sunday, October 31, 2010

All Things Halloween!

Tonight we had a bunch of people over for dinner, and then we made caramel apples, thanks to Laura Peterson. That is Elder Montierth having way too much fun making his!

It was so exciting, in fact, the Reid's cute little baby got plain tuckered out!Can you guess who this is?? Well, Connie Haws gives it away! This is at our ward Halloween party. Brent came right up to me and said some arabic sounding words and I still didn't recognize him! They looked great!
This is Jayce and Loraya at the party. She was so cute as strawberry shortcake. When I told her I never knew she had freckles, she announced "They're fake!" (like, duh, Sis. Sutherland!) So cute! I have these cute little halloween pans that I only get to use once a year. So, I made pumpkin bread batter, and poured it in. The rest I used in the little loaf pans to make baby pumpkin/ chocolate chip bread. They turned out like this!
We have a pumpkin carving tradition in our house...we've always done it...for years!! But this time, Derek and Cody had to be strongly encouraged to participate. I reminded Derek he needs to appreciate it because it's his last pumpking carving at home :(. I don't know if he appreciates what that means yet! They made their pumpkins, and Jayce and Mark had a blast. Thank heavens Mark doesn't mind digging out the goo...I really don't want to! I bake while they carve! It's a good system!

And we always take this picture of the pumpkins lined up on the counter. I can't remember what Derek's's like "eat goo" or something. He's so funny!
This is the adorable skeleton Jayce made at school. We proudly put it on our door! This is Jayce before school on Friday. It was the Park Village Elementary costume parade.

Parading...with the rest of the school...
Just so you know...this is not the cutest costume, but we have a bin full of costumes we've accumulated over the years, and he went to it and found this one that fits. Easy! We no longer have to buy any...we have so many to choose from. Yay!
Another great Halloween. Such a fun time of year! Now to look forward to Thanksgiving and getting ready for Christmas!!


  1. BOO!@! What a fun weekend for all!!

  2. those caramel apples and that pumpkin bread!!! Man, I wish I was at ya'lls house for Halloween. Your baking always looks so good! I need some recipes!

  3. Your missionary days are comming SOON!!