December 2010

December 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Boy fun!

On Saturday, Jayce and I pulled out an old craft project we've had around here for a LONG time. We used to make these when the big kids were little. Caitlin even took these on babysitting jobs to do with the kids she was babysitting. It was always a big hit. Jayce lost patience and needed help putting those little things on the pattern.

Jayce has been coming into our room each night either in the middle of the night or early in the morning. This puts a cramp on my morning run if he wants me to stay with him until he falls back to sleep. This morning I just went anyway! When he comes in the middle of the night, he asks if Dad will go sleep in his bed. We've got to break this little habit :).

On Monday, for Family Home Evening, we had a home fire drill. Cody is working on his last requirement on his last merit badge before we embark on the Eagle project. This is the Emergency Preparedness merit badge. This was the "get down low, get outside to the meeting point, and fast!" Jayce wanted to do it over and over!

Even Pennie evacuated! She was confused. And wouldn't pose for a picture!
Today was "nerd day" at Westview. I never knew they had nerd day. Cody was too cute! He went looking like this:

Today was a VERY wet day here in San Diego. We were worried that the back hill would come tumbling down again like it did last winter.

I'm happy to report that the landscaping held up and our yard looked very happy for the extra watering! Whew! Jayce got completely soaked (and I did, too, when I went to pick up the kids from school) and had to change all his clothes. But he had fun!


  1. hahahahahahaahahahha i was just laughing for like 20 minutes about the Pennie picture and her being confused. she is so hilarious! so many fun things going on at home...i miss it! :(

  2. also, did those palm trees end up growing on the back ledge thing? or did you have to take them out? and ALSO, I like Cody's tie :)

  3. I was so excited to get TWO comments!! Since i only have two followers...what do I expect? Ha!

    The palm trees on the retaining wall probably won't make it. They are still deciding. We'll probably end up pulling them out and planting something else eventually.

    I know, right, I can't believe he picked THAT tie. He's so funny, though, he loves that tie. He wears it almost every Sunday, with his suit. His pants are officially too short now and I need to get them altered so they'll last longer. He really digs that suit and tie! Derek hasn't worn his at it'll be brand new for his mission in a year and a half!!

    We miss you, too!! We'll have so much fun when we come up there for Thanksgiving week and then when you guys come down here sometime over the Christmas break!!

  4. Hey! I love the fire drill FHE pictures! looks like a ton of fun.
    ps- thanks for the comment! way better than a french fry! love ya!