December 2010

December 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

Scary night!

Yesterday (Sunday) the missionaries dropped by. (They heard we had two pans of still-warm brownies and didn't want to miss out!) The boys were, of course, doing what they do, nerf gun fighting and the missionaries joined in. While trying to shoot Derek, Elder Moses hit Pennie right in the eye!! She whimpered and ran over to me. I held her and saw she was blinking and favoring her eye, but thought she'd be fine. After a couple of hours passed, she wouldn't come out of her kennel and she wouldn't open her eye! Mark looked at her and thought the eye looked so bad she might lose it! We were scared because it was 9:45 on Sunday night! We called an emergency vet clinic and asked what they would charge for a visit - $55 - so we were there! The doctor was super nice. He put a dye in her eye so he could get the best look at it. He said she is in pain because the eye is so sensitive but he didn't see anything serious. We left with eye drops and pain medication. Whew! We love our little old dog!Today I'm happy to report she's been up and about (a little) and she seems so happy to be snuggled in at home.

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