December 2010

December 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Fall Baking: I love it! When the weather turns a little cooler and gray, I just long to have the smell of something baking in the house! So, I bake. And the boys are very happy I do. This week they ordered pumpkin bread, chocolate chip cookies, Wednesday (late-day to school) waffles, banana bread, and today I made cinnamon pumpkin pancakes! Cody was at a youth activity and Derek was traveling to his cross country race, so they weren't here, which was fine because they only like plain jane food and they wouldn't have eaten the pumpkin pancakes. No worries, we enjoyed them without them!

Jayce's kindergarten teacher brought in some fall leaves she picked up from her yard. Well, that set Jayce on a fall leaves hunt! He insisted we take a walk and collect some. Trees that change pretty colors in the fall are very hard to come by here in San Diego. We really only found one good one.

And this last picture is just because it's pretty. Nothing like white roses in a pewter pitcher :).
We have started to decorate for Halloween...just a little bit out front. I should take some pictures of that...maybe later this week....

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  1. ooooo! you've gotta gimmee some of those recipes! especially the pumpkin bread! And I love the roses with the pewter pitcher... classic. glad ya'll are doing well!