December 2010

December 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cross Country is Coming to an End

This week is Derek's last week to run on the cross country team. It's been a great four years. These are pictures from last week's race.

On Westview's team, the races always begin like this: And all the runners chant, really loud, "HARD WORK, PAYS OFF", several times. It's gets them all pumped and ready to run. (It actually gets me pretty pumped, too!)
Coach Colson is an amazing coach and we are grateful for our association with him for the past four years.

But, for Derek, running has been mostly a lonely sport. He picks his pace...and simply runs. The pack is usually pretty far ahead, but that doesn't bother him, he just runs.
And runs...
We're pretty darn proud of him sticking with it and running all four years of high school. He is a dedicated young man.
Hills are hard...just like in life.
And he has prepared himself well. No matter how hard it got, he just kept running. Congrats, Derek, on a great four years of running, but more than that, on showing all of us how not to quit.


  1. I have loved watching Derek run these past four years. I'm always so proud of how he keeps on going and never quits - these are lessons he will draw on the rest of his life. Your 'hills' comment made me smile. Those are Sarah's favorite parts of the runs :)

  2. P.S. Fred has blogged about Sarah's XC but I may copy your idea and do one like yours :)