December 2010

December 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Quick trip to Arizona!

Mark and I just got back from a quick weekend trip to Arizona. We had the wonderful honor of attending Taylor and Chelsea's sealing in the Mesa Temple. It was a very busy day at the temple. It was way busier than I expected it to be in November.
It was also pretty hot (for us). This is some of us huddled in the shade. I think it was in the high 80's, but my wimpy San Diego body thought is was HOT. So, we grabbed some shade while waiting for the bride and groom to emerge.
And, oh, it was worth the wait. Chelsea is so beautiful and they both looked so, so happy. The sealing was so sweet. After the sealing, I sat down and wrote down notes because I didn't want to forget the counsel the Sealer gave to them. It really applies to all of us. One of the things he said was as we keep our temple covenants we will be better people, and better husbands and wives. He also said as beautiful as they look today, they will look even more beautiful to each other by returning to the temple often, and applying the learning they (and we) recieve there.
After the temple, we all were hungry (and couldn't wait to get out of the heat). We all went to a place called Jason's Deli. It was super yum! (I discovered the Phoenix area has super good restaurant choices. We ate at Abuelo's later :)) It was fun to visit with Chuck, Jean, Bill, and Katie.
I asked Ben and Shar to pose for a picture. They are so dang cute!!
After a quick trip to the mall, we headed over to the reception. They chose a darling carnival theme. This was the cake table - cute!!!
My favorite shot of the night! I am so happy for Taylor!


  1. oh my goodness Chelsea is beautiful! They look so good! I'm so glad you blogged about this already- I really wanted to see pictures :) They are a super good looking couple! Congrats to them. Ben and Shar are super cute too. I miss Shar. And the Cotters. We wish we were in Arizona this weekend. Ok that is all.

  2. Glad you stopped in while you were here. That's a great shot you got of the Mesa Temple too. Makes me jealous.