December 2010

December 2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Travelblog

This is truly going to be a travelblog. Just a warning...there are SO many pictures.
I had to start with a picture of the good ol' reliable suburban. She's 11 years old but still taking care of us. We had planned to take the van, but at the last minute we felt we should take her. It was a good choice because we used the four wheel drive several times on the snowy roads.
We began our week by driving after sacrament meeting on Sunday. As we drove into St. George, there was a traffic alert sign that said the I-15 was closed at Beaver due to weather. Beaver was still 100+ miles away and we wanted to cover as much road as possible. We had to make a decision whether to chance it and try to keep going as planned all the way to Provo, or play it safe and stop for the night in Cedar City. After talking to some other drivers who had come BACK from Beaver after waiting on the highway for two hours, we decided it would be best to stop. The weather had passed, but apparently there were several accidents and the road was closed as they worked to clear them. We had a fun time hunkering down in the hotel while watching a movie. And then breakfast is always fun with all the hotel food choices.

We arrived in Provo by noon on Monday, just in time to meet up with Caitlin on campus. After grocery shopping and errands, we headed up to Park City. Billy had to work, go to class, and take a test, so we didn't get to have him with us on Monday.
This is the view from the window from our condo, as we watched the impending storm arrive.

Jayce had the right idea...sitting in front of the fireplace while we were making hot chocolate!
Tuesday morning felt like the beginning of a real vacation as I snuggled with Jayce in his bed! There is nothing better than seeing his little face in the morning!
We went down to Provo on Tuesday to go to Costco for Thanksgiving groceries, do a little mall shopping with Caitlin, and to buy tire chains at Walmart. Billy got off work early and because of the coming storm, the BYU campus was closed and his test was postponed. So we got to take Billy and Caitlin up to Park City with us. The weather was getting worse as we got closer to Park City and the drive was a little treacherous. We were grateful we had the suburban and we got back to the hotel safely.
Wednesday was Steven and Katie's sealing in the Oquirrh Mountain temple. It was super cold, like 10 degrees, and we were grateful to have an uneventful drive down from Park City. The temple was actually closed except for two sealings. And it couldn't have been sweeter. The sealer said there was nowhere he'd rather be, and nothing he'd rather be doing than to be in the temple with them. He said this is the purpose of life, to join two people as they begin their life together. As I looked around the room, I felt such a love for my family. And I was especially grateful to have Billy and Caitlin there with us.
Billy and Caitlin waiting for Steven and Katie to emerge.

Love this picture of Katie and her dad.
Ken & Di hugging the newlyweds. We headed over to the reception home. It was absolutely beautiful.

A perfect setting for pictures. What a beautiful couple :).Here is Ken and then Dad speaking after the lunch. I love my family :). (Please note Bekah Morton, Ken & Di's wonderful friend from Sugarland, beautifying the cake table. She did ALL the flowers.)

The boys tolerated the day...luckily there was a basement room with video games.
Happy happy day for the Barrow family. Love them!
All the Barrow cousins that could make it to the wedding. What great kids!!My mom and three of her siblings, Uncle Martin, Aunt Linda, and Aunt Ann. It was fun to have them together them all in one place.
Cutting the cake! Those Magleby's cakes are so yummy!
Steven and Katie's big send off!
On the drive back to Park City, the thermometer in the car read -5, but it got even lower to -11!
On Thursday morning we got up super early and drove down to Provo to run in an "Earn Your Turkey" fun run. I think it was 7 degrees when we were running, and not particularly "fun". That was the coldest weather I have ever run in and it was hard. We bundled up the best we could. It was fun to do it all together though!
Diane pinning on Ben's race bib.
Ken and KenzieMark and Derek
The representatives from the Sutherland and Barnes families.Ken and Nikki. She was slated to win the'll have to ask her. It's a funny story :).
We were quite the formidable force, all braving the cold!After the race we went over to Bill and Cait's for breakfast. Muffins, bagels, sweet rolls, hot chocolate, juice, and milk. Yummy!

On our drive back up to Park City, we stopped to take pictures of the beautiful trees with frost on them.
We joined John and Barbara's family for Thanksgiving dinner at their Park City house.
Jayce and Johnny playin in the bathtub after dinner.
On Friday, Mark and I took a walk in Park City. These icicles were amazing!This is where we were staying.
The downtown area was so fun! The art galleries were my favorite. I wish we would've had time to go inside some of them. On Friday night we went to Salt Lake to see the play "The Savior of the World". It was in a small theater inside the Conference Center. We wanted to walk around temple square afterward, but decided it was too late and too cold. Besides, we had pie waiting for us back at the condo! On the drive back, I loved how we discussed the play, the scriptures, and the way the Savior's birth and life were portrayed.

On Saturday morning it was time to head for home, but Cody and Jayce had other ideas.
After tons of traffic and a grueling drive, we decided to stop at Chick-Fil-A for dinner in Rancho Cucamonga. The bad news was we still had 100 miles to go. (Notice Mark had to try ALL of the dipping sauces :).)

Well, that's it. We had looked forward to this week for months, and it was everything we hoped it would be. We enjoyed some down time, the wedding was wonderful, Thanksgiving was family-filled, and we got to spend fun time with Caitlin and Billy. I have much to be grateful for!


  1. Looks like an eventful and memorable trip. Billy's haircut looks good. I'm sorry to report that we have been outside in shirtsleeves all weekend. Arizona does have its redeeming qualities.

  2. Love it! I wish we were starting the week all over again right now :( but only 3 more weeks ish until christmas!!!! can't wait!!

  3. Glad you made it safely. What a wonderful trip full of wonderful memories :)

  4. There's NOTHING like having family around! Glad you had a great time.

  5. AWESOME! so wish I could have been there! So happy for Katie and Steven! I love the pictures before the morning run. My family is so tough! Look at you guys braving the weather!

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