December 2010

December 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cody's Birthday Week!

The missionaries came over for dinner on Thursday, and they always bring something new and interesting. These first two pictures are the boys using a thin pencil lead to make these laser type images. The missionaries said they learned it in the MTC when they were playing with their digital cameras. The boys thought it was very cool!
Now on to the birthday week...Cody had planned multiple days of activities. He informed me that his friend Keanan had never seen the Bourne movies. Cody felt Keanan needed to enjoy all three of them, so they planned to watch one on Wednesday night, one on Thursday night, and one on Friday night. And that's just what they did.
Keanan made it super fun by bringing a present (or presents) every time he came. And they each came with a little poem:
On the first day of Cody's birthday
Keanan gave to him...
A bunch of stinkin' candy
That will not keep him trim!
On the second day of Cody's birthday
Keanan gave to him
One box of popcorn
Seasoning for the top
Lots of birthday wishes
And a jug of soda pop!
On the last day of Cody's birthday
Keanan's gift was this...
Many Happy Birthdays
And A little something
To bring a little bliss...
(it was an itunes gift card :))
Cody asked Keanan how long it took him to come up with all the rhymes. Keanan said, "No time at mom did them all!" What a cute mom! Thanks Keanan and Sarah!

And then, of course, was Cody's request that we go to Pump It Up, where they have tons of jumpy things. Here are the boys posing for a quick picture. Yes, I crawled in there to get the picture. I'll never be the same!

Cody's real birthday (today) began with a waffle breakfast with homemade syrup! (Recipe to follow, Jess :).)
2 c. sugar
1 c. water
1/3 c. karo syrup
boil til clear, then add
1/2 t. maple flavoring

Here is the STACK of presents! We had fun with this. One of the boxes contained slippers. The second box had only a gift card in it... Oh, Pennie helping with the paper...
And the big box was actually three wrapped presents in one. Please notice that Pennie is ALWAYS in the middle of unwrapping! Box one...

Box two...
Box three... And Cody's dream come true! An Ipod Touch!! (I'm so bummed the picture was blurry! Too much excitement!) Followed by the traditional cake, singing, and...
blowing out the candles!!! Happy Birthday, Cody!!


  1. That looks like a great birthday! I can't wait to see penny open some presents at christmas! Caitlin has told me a lot about that, and I got a preview at Derek's birthday when penny helped him unwrap a couple presents.
    And I love that syrup! I wish it had more sugar though...

  2. OH MAN i wish i was there! that would have been so fun to see cody open that ipod. and thats pretty cool with the light-rod thingy the missionaries learned with the camera. oh and ive been meaning to ask but keep forgetting...are dad and cody still watching prison break????????

  3. also, pennie is hilarious and i miss her!

  4. Cody and Dad are totally still watching Prison Break! After the movie last Friday, they stayed up late to get in an episode :). Sheesh!