December 2010

December 2010

Friday, January 14, 2011

Kindergarten Teachers are Amazing!

These are pages from Jayce's writing journal. It is SO cute! I have these journals for all of the kids (but I'm not sure I could find them :)).

This is written on December 6th, just after Jayce started watching Cody's wrestling matches. I will sign him up for wrestling, eventually, but right now he's starting baseball. One thing at a time!

November 15th, right before we took our trip to Utah. Notice the picture of our car, driving on the road, under the very blue sky, with a radiant sun :).

This journal entry was made before we went to Utah for Steven and Katie's wedding. Notice the picture of the temple, with the Angel Moroni on top.

This was written before the Thanksgiving week break. I'm thinking our house looks a little dark, but we have very green grass, and it's a sunny day :).

November 8th, Jayce was really looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner with the turkey and potatoes. Good thing we had a few more things to our feast :).

There are many sweet moments as a parent, and watching your child begin to read is one of them. I credit our wonderful kindergarten teachers. We had the privilege of having Cindy McCord and Mary Lou Harshman teach ALL five of our children. And the magic is happening again with Jayce. And it is SO fun to watch!

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  1. So glad you're enjoying everything all over again with Jayce. Can't believe we've never met him. Maybe someday soon! We have a niece going to law school in San Diego . . . maybe we'll get down to visit her sometime and hook up with you!