December 2010

December 2010

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Look Back at 2010

I only started blogging in September, so I thought I would look at some highlights from the year. Next year, hopefully, I'll blog more throughout the year and not have to backpedal.

Our year began very wet, as you can see from the pictures of our flooded yard. It was very scary, actually, and precipitated our relandscaping the whole yard before Caitlin's wedding.

This was Jayce's first year in t-ball and he loved it! We did, as well! I can hardly wait for baseball season this year! He will be in Caps Division, which means machine pitch. He'll love that.

Cody had 8th Grade Promotion in June. It's a big deal here and it was nice that Grandma and Grandpa came down for it. Cody has grown so much since these pictures were taken. He's now taller than I am!

This year Mark and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary!! Caitlin came home to watch the boys while we went to Hawaii for a week! Thanks to Dad Sutherland, we had a beautiful timeshare on Oahu. I really want to take the kids back there, it was so fun! Here is a picture of us in front of the Laie Temple (which was closed for renovation) and one in front of the Arizona Memorial.

Billy had flown in a day or so before we returned from Hawaii. He came to ask us if he could marry Caitlin, and to propose! He took her to the beach and asked her to marry him! This is a picture of them right after they got home. Exciting day!!

These are a few shots from their engagement pictures. Such a great looking couple!

We had a Barrow family reunion in San Antonio in June. It was a blast! My favorite pictures are of Jayce fishing with Grandpa Barrow. There's some fun ones where the crew is playing water volleyball. I love and miss my family!

And, finally, this is the short video we played during Caitlin and Billy's reception. It is a fun reminder of a beautiful day.

Caitlin & Billy San Diego Temple Same Day Edit from Matthew Baker on Vimeo.

2010 has been a very good year for our family! We are grateful Mark still has such a good job in this tough economy. I have a part-time job at our elementary school that I love and I'm still going to school. Dallin is having some interesting experiences traveling all over. Billy and Caitlin are working hard in school and graduation will be here before they know it. Derek is in his senior year of high school and we're waiting to hear if he got accepted to BYU Idaho or BYU Provo. Cody began his freshmen year of high school and seems to be adjusting well. And Jayce is in all-day kindergarten and loves it. We are very blessed indeed and I am filled with more gratitude that I can express!


  1. I love your beautiful family! Happy New Year!!

  2. Hey! How the heck are you guys??? I literally happened onto this blog by accident while googling some key words along with "BYU" and "BYU Idaho" and then I saw your familiar faces. Do you remember the Hepworths from Bainbridge Island? That must seem like another lifetime ago to you :-) Bill is also a senior and waiting to see if he gets in to BYU or BYU Idaho. It was fun to see your cute family. Looks like you've added another one to the mix since we last saw you. So did we. Dan just turned 5 in October.