December 2010

December 2010

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back to Business as Usual

Jayce has been wiggling his tooth for a while now, and one day this week he came home and said he wanted Mark to pull it. It went something like this, "Yes, pull, don't...okay, you can pull it...wait, is it going to hurt?" Mark is an expert at pulling these things. I would just let them dangle until they fell out on their own. Mark had his hand in Jayce's mouth, with the tooth gripped, and Jayce suddenly changed his mind in a panic! "Wait, stop!" But, it was already out! And Jayce was very happy about the visit from the Tooth Fairy!

Wrestling was rough on Cody this week. He said his mistake was "eating" during the day before the match. Whatever that means. I guess Cody weighed in a little heavier than usual, he normally wrestles 119's and this week he wrestled 125's. The kid was a little bigger and a little more experienced.

Cody fought hard! I never understood the difficulty of this sport until now...and I still don't think I get it. One thing is for sure, it is INTENSE!

Cody battled for three full periods, six whole minutes, longest six minutes of a mom's life. He didn't get pinned, which I consider a good thing, but he lost the match on points.

Derek started winterball baseball this week. I never get tired of these picture sequences. I love to watch him pitch!

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