December 2010

December 2010

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Derek's Letter #13 9-24-12

This week was a good one. After exchanges 2 Fridays ago, we had another exchange with Junction City this past Tuesday. Elder Clare went to JC and I stayed in Wamego with Elder Weatherford who is another visa waiter going to India. It was rather interesting that day getting my first experience at dealing with a car shop because the sisters blew a tire the previous day and had on the spare. It didn't cost that much but it was annoying because we had to rush to an appointment. That appointment was also interesting because I've been out only 3 months and Elder Weatherford has been for almost one transfer (6 weeks) so I was actually the senior companion. But I couldn't drive the car because I haven't passed off my lessons yet. Speaking of my lessons, I have lesson 4 passed off and hopefully will get lesson 5 done by transfers this Thursday. So, I dominated that one lesson and it felt like the MTC all over again, haha. So about that CES fireside talk, I heard about it because my companion watched it on last week. One of my favorite rebukes is on that talk: "You checked your religion at the door? NEVER check your religion anywhere." I want to watch the whole thing but never had the chance to. Ooh, hey I got a haircut today from Elder Casper. It was soooooo long and it feels so much better now just to feel the wind across my head. He actually gave a much better haircut than brother Crouch. It's funny to think that those who are trained and go to school for haircuts and stuff are actually worse than those that don't. Like Dad's haircuts are my favorites, but the barber shop that I went to in Rexburg was the worst place ever. Anyways, moving on... No, I have not gotten Cody's letter yet. It takes longer than normal because the mission office has to forward it to me. I should get it soon. Probably today. Oh, hey I also lost my watch and was wondering if you could possibly send me another one of those cheap ones? Thanks.
That's really cool that Dusty came to mutual and got to talk about his mission like that. I'm sure everyone is just oohing and ahing about his stories. I would look on his mission blog every now and again. And Jayson had Cub Scouts?! Man he's growing up. I remember my first day of cub scouts. We had the rain gutter regata and my boat won. That was a good day. When's the pine wood derby? Sounds like you all had a good time on Saturday. Speaking of Saturday, we had a great weekend finding new investigators through the efforts of prayer. I also made it a goal to pass out a Book of Mormon every day this week and want to keep that trend up after this week and for the rest of my mission because the more copies of the Book of Mormon there are in people's homes around the world, the more likely they are to read it and feel the Holy Ghost from it so that they can enter into the fold of God. I also made it a goal to not have any distractions whatsoever in the field: immodest women (looking away sets an example for other people and looking to them just puts filthy thoughts in your mind), TV in restaurants (a member took us to dinner at Cox BBQ and the LSU game was on on Saturday in the restaurant so it was very hard to turn away), and any sports at all because it deters my thoughts away from my work here in the mission field. So if you possibly could stop sending me any more sports updates whatsoever I would greatly appreciate it. I know the Padres season ends this week, but I don't want to know anything else about any sport unless an investigator talks about it a bit. Thanks a lot. Do you remember a brother Hancock? He lived in the MM2 ward for a while about 10 years ago and he is now in my branch here. Speaking of my branch, for dinner on Friday, Sister Chandler asked me what I wanted for dinner the next time they had us over and I said I really missed my Mom's chicken crescent rolls. So she was curious what that was so I explained it to the best of my knowledge and gave her your e-mail to get the recipe from you. So if you see an email address from a Valerie Chandler, now you'll know who it is. And about the chili, I don't understand how anyone in the world likes beans. They are filthy gross. Ugghh, just thinking about it makes me feel...uuggghhh.
It also sounds like you had a great time at the baptism and other things on Saturday. I didn't know that Cody was on the youth committee? Is he the chairman of it like I was? Who is the stake young men's president? He should enjoy being so involved in coordinating youth conference in the spring. Hopefully it goes well there. Oh, the primary program was Sunday huh? That's way cool. I'm sure Jayson did a great job. By the way, how many deacons are there in the ward? I get to pass the sacrament almost every sunday because there are not many deacons here. Anyways how's the New Testament with Sister Walton? But good job sleeping in, that's what I would've done. Good luck on the ACT. That'll be hard and the program I did was way annoying because they give you homework, but it really helped me gain those few points to make it a decent score. So, as for the weather, it does get quite cool at night and in the morning. I kind of want my swish-swish pants and a sweat shirt along with my big coat and possibly a watch that I mentioned earlier. But you don't have to get me boots. I'll be fine. So, is there anything that you would like me to take a picture of and send to you? Yesterday, we had to bike like 20 miles in total all day because for dinner we had to bike to St.  George since our car is getting low on miles and next week when we lose the car, we are going to have to bike into town because our stake president, president Knapp (who is a really awesome guy), doesn't want members to use their gas money just to take us into town and back home. That's going to be a big hassel, especially for suit season, but whatever. I sure don't want to act like Laman and Lemuel who said that this is a hard thing for me to do. But I want to be like Nephi who says I will go and do the things the Lord commands.
Good luck with classes! and I hope you continue to work hard and make the boys work hard in the yard (I like that rhyme right there). Tranfers are this coming Thursday as I said earlier but I am pretty sure I won't be transferred. The thing I'm most worried about is if Elder Clare gets transferred. I will find out tomorrow night so hopefully he stays. I'd say it's a 50-50 chance that he either stays or goes. I'm sure I forgot to say something as I always seem to do, but I'll end now anyways. I love you all (yes I am talking to YOU) and wish you the best at school/work and in every other aspect of life. Before I go I just have to say one thing: Billy is my favorite brother-in-law. Love,
Elder Sutherland
PS: (I don't know if I said this one yet but whatever) BOOM!!
"Two, oooooone (cry). Well, at least I was able to make his last few moments memorable."
"Huh?!" Squish
"Spongebob! What are you doing!!!???"
"Oh, hey now that we've completed the list of things to do, let's get started on this book. We should be able to finish by January."
"FORGET THE BOOK!!!! You were supposed to EXPLODE into a million pieces."
"Well I can try. uuuummmmmm GARY! YOU ARE GOING TO EAT YOUR DESSERT AND YOU ARE GONNA LIKE IT!!! How's that?"
"Oooh, good one."
Sorry, I'm sure I botched it, haha. Ask Cody.

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