December 2010

December 2010

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Derek Letter #8 8-20-12

Flat Stanley visited Derek and wanted to see some of the sights in Kansas, so Derek took her around...

Family! Life here has been just as hectic as it has back home!

It's good that Dallin and Erin are nice and respecting. Hopefully they can just stop being dumb. I wish I could've been there with Elder Clare (he knows so much more about everything gospel related than I do) because we could've helped you in your teaching. God gives us trials to "smooth our stones" as given to my primary class by Dad forever ago, and those are trials to overcome. Show them the proclomation to the family. That might help. Just remember when the prophet gives a commandment, it is from God, and not from the man Joseph Smith or Gordon B Hinckley, or Thomas S Monson, or anybody other than God himself. Just look at the Word of Wisdom. People back then were wondering why, but then today it is obvious why.  Mom, you did a great job at teaching them, I'm sure.

Wow. Cody is having a real tough time with his project. At least it sounds like he's trying to do the work and not have it be Mom's eagle project. Hopefully brother Peterson can help and get this thing going. Ah, doctor's appointments. Those were good times. Hopefully he can have a successful year in both sports and classes. Tell Cody that APES will require harder work than you've ever done. When I did Mr Whitney's class, that was the first time he had taught that class so he was still getting used to it and as a result, our class was "easier than I thought" as was said by some members of my class. Also don't save the 3 projects given until the last day. They will weigh you down. As far as the ACT is concerned, having the program with James Proudfoot for me, that really helped bump up my score by at least 5 points. I hated every lesson, but it helped a lot. It's going to be a shock the first time you go in. And make sure you go to the bathroom before you take it. I learned that the hard way. As long as he does decent in his classes the rest of his high school career, he should be a lock for BYU-Idaho. 95% are accepted. I wish I could talk to Cody about this but ohwell.

I heard about what Dad is going through and I will be praying for him. I just wish people would be more Christlike, or how about just like Moroni. Because if everybody was like Moroni then the very powers of beep would shake at their presence. Hey, could I have Elder Jeremy Mackie's address? I'd like to write to him too. Hopefully you sent that in the package that I haven't got yet. I hope to get it soon. Since the MTC, my mail has slowed waaaaay down. I got 2 letters this past week. It's not that hard to write a letter people! I'd like to hear from my BYU-Idaho friends. That would be sweet to hear from them again. As far as other people we're teaching, it has been pretty busy around here. There's this one family that hasn't given us an opportunity to teach them yet because they just ask so many questions. They have identical triplet sons that blow my mind because I can never tell who is who. They are Cody's age and are really cool to talk to. We do have plenty of people to talk to even though some days are slow. Man, sounds like your missionaries need a dose of Brother Chandler. He knows everything about everything. I don't know how to help them, maybe the ward mission leader can help (Isn't the ward mission leader brother Marshall?). Well I got to go. I love you all and hope you all enjoy school and SEMINARY!!!!!! WHOO!!! Love,

Elder Derek Sutherland

PS: "But, we stole a balloon."
"Yeah, on free balloon day. hahahahaha"
"Oh, okay."
"How about some lollipops for the road guys?"
"Alright which one of you took my lolipop?
"I mean it."
(Sorry, I would've typed more.)

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