December 2010

December 2010

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Derek's Letter #12 9-17-12

It's great to hear that Dusty just came home! Man he sure is the awesomest person ever. Reminds me of Dan Jones, one of the first missionaries of this dispensation who was also one of the greatest. Hearing about him makes me want to be a much better missionary because sometimes I have the mindset in the morning that I don't want to work, just stay home and study. But I know that as I remember my purpose and other people that need this gospel, my mindset will change. This has been a good week. Even though we had a couple of investigators drop us, we also found a couple of new ones and got 2 more to baptism dates. We also had an interesting situation last week. One of our investigators who is the same age of Elder Clare and is a girl, was kind of secretly flirting with us through text and in person. At least that's what we think because she is hard to understand sometimes. We're over it and hopefully we can get her to re-commit to baptism this week. She's really nice, so there's no need to worry about it. We also had another investigator who we dropped after the lesson that was telling us that there is no way that the book of mormon could be true or Joseph Smith a prophet because there is no physical evidence of it at all. We told her to keep reading and praying while she told us to reconsider our beliefs. I was so glad to get out of there because her heart is so hardened and so fixed on her church. But something will soften her heart in the future I just know it. The trinity is such a big issue with them meaning that Jesus Christ is the only God of the universe when there is tons of evidence everywhere saying that Jesus Christ is the son of God. Elder Clare has taught me so much in the short amount of weeks we've been companions. I hit my 3 month mark this past week too. I'm not done out here that's for sure. I still have a lot of work to do and people to baptize because "In the Missouri Independence mission, we find, teach, baptize, confirm, and retain."
Dinners this past week have been tough too. On back-to-back nights on Thursday and Friday, the families we had dinner with had chili. Oh boy of all the food in the world, it had to be chili. Don't worry Mom, I ate it. On Thursday I ate the beans whole without chewing and on Friday I chewed them. Friday was the best chili I've had in my life. That's not saying much, though. Last night we had deer meat. That was good. Other than that, I love eating their food. So, you should be able to find the John Tanner video on youtube. It is a very good FHE thing.
You didn't go to her wedding? Sorry, I just assumed you would since you are close friends with them. My bike is good. I broke it the first hour I got it about a month ago and just got it fixed this past week. I just spent $54 with my home card on a derailer and a derailer hanger and Brother Earl fixed it up for me. Now it is rideable and I plan on riding it today. We have been walking when we don't have the car but we will have to bike this week because we are getting low on miles. We have the car for another 2 weeks but miles are the biggest issue this week. Well, it's good to hear that the family is doing well and that Erin and Dallin will be out of there soon. Hopefully that experience in Portland will be a good one. You saw Stimpy?! Tell him I said Hi.
Hopefully in Dusty's homecoming wasn't too emotional. Unfortunately with missionaries who loved their mission like that and worked really hard for those 2 years, they get mission sick when they get home more than the normal person. Like my MTC teacher. He loved his New England mission and for like 3 weeks after he got home, he was super down. But I know if I am that mission-sick, then I will know that I did a good job. Some rules are hard to follow with exactness and it is tempting to disobey them. I am trying my best to be obedient.
Dad asked me about how much mail I get in the mail. The last 2 weeks were bad (like one letter over 2 weeks), but the past few days have been better. President Northcutt is a sealer?! I didn't know that. Who set him apart? Was it the temple presidency or the prophet? I don't really know who does it. Well I can't really think of anything else to say and the other missionaries are already done with their e-mail waiting for me to finish. Just to let you know, I have written in my journal everyday since the first day of the MTC. I write 2 pages each day with lots of detail to remember after my misson. Also, I read my patriarchal blessing for the first time in a while this past week and boy did the spirit hit me hard when reading it. Well that's it I guess, ta ta for now. Love,
Elder Sutherland
PS: Happy Leaf Erichsen day!!!

There's Levi's baptism for ya. That was a great occasion especially for a family that has become inactive or just have never been interested in living the gospel. That kitten is on one of our potential investigator's porch. There's a lot of them and that one seemed to be the cutest of the bunch. It's the same one I'm holding. Yes, I know I need a haircut. I tried this morning but the person who would give it to me was still sleeping and tyhe barber shop in town was closed. Brother Crouch still isn't quite feeling up to getting active again after his surgery to give me one. In that dark one, we were on splits and I was near Randolph, Kansas with zone leader Elder Casper. It was fun to be with him for a day. That last cat is a small one we named simba. It's parent cat was named Mufassa. We were tracting and those cats just kept following us from house to house. 

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