December 2010

December 2010

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sweet Sixteen!

For Cody's birthday he wanted to take a couple of friends to Six Flags Magic Mountain. We thought it might rain, and it did a little, but it was a super fun day! All the boys said several times "This is a good day!"

Waiting outside before it opened at 10:30.

Jayce outside of the Goliath ride. (He and I spent a lot of time waiting for the boys to ride rides.)

You can't see them, but these are our boys on the first drop on Goliath.

Collossus. This was Jayce's first ride.

The Scream. Man, I'm glad I was watching from the ground!

Outside the Batman ride. Cody got super sick on this one, and then went to ride Goliath and got even sicker. He had to lie down for like an hour! Keanan and Mikael went over to ride superman (I should've gotten a picture of that is unbelievable!)

Jayce on the swing ride. He said it was boring, but he was smiling the whole time!

 After Cody recovered, and we were trying to find Keanan and Mikael, we found this climbing wall. If they could get to the top of the "Expert" wall (far right), they could win an ipod shuffle. Cody gave it a valiant effort, but didn't get it. (There was a lot of dust on the ipod shuffle; I don't think anyone ever wins that.)

 Capes they were awarded for attempting the climbing wall!

On our way home we stopped at Chik-fil-a. Yum! These are some really fun guys to be around...

...As you can see.

 Waking up the birthday boy on Sunday morning.... Sure love this kid!

Jayce was sleeping in our bed. I can't resist getting a picture of him when he's sleeping.

Pennie was pacing because she knew there were presents downstairs.

The Birthday breakfast!! French toast! (Which didn't turn out very good, I might add.) The boys weren't quite awake.

Texas Sheet Cake for his birthday cake. Yum! And fun! Grandpa, Grandma, and Jeff came down for the birthday celebration and Cody's ordination in the Priesthood.

 Card from G&G.

Pennie helping open Cody's presents.

RVCA Hoodie!

What a fun weekend! You know, when Caitlin left for college, I thought, "What am I going to do? What will we do without Caitlin at home because she is such a big help and a great example for her brothers?" But then Derek stepped up and took on the leadership role and I was so grateful. Then, when Derek left for college I worried again, "What are we going to do without Derek and his leadership?" I have to say, that Cody has stepped up and is being more than I could have hoped. He plays with Jayce, loves him, and helps around the house. And we still laugh, a lot. I am so blessed.

Happy Birthday, Cody! Thanks for being you!

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  1. AH so fun! I'm so sad we weren't there for any of this :( Magic mountain would have been so fun. And being there for Cody's ordination. Sometimes I'm so sad I'm all grown up and can't just live at home forever! Also, where did you get that hoodie?? I love it! I want to get one for billy!