December 2010

December 2010

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Father and Sons Outing

On Friday night, Mark took the boys on their annual Father and Sons Campout. They went to Lake Dixon. It is a pretty place!

 Way too much fun in the tent...I heard everyone had trouble sleeping because someone was snoring.

In the morning, they tried fishing. Jayce really wants to catch a fish.

 But, they didn't catch bike riding was the next best option.

They had a great time! It was weird being home all alone. Pennie and I watched a chick flick together. Then I was creeped out by the quiet house. I'm glad they had fun, but I'm also glad I'm not alone very often.

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  1. We should have gone to a movie together! Fred and my girls went to the Father Daughter campout a week or so ago but I still had company and wasn't alone. He's all sad because next year he won't have a son or daughter to take to either camp out.