December 2010

December 2010

Friday, June 10, 2011

Derek's Graduation Week Part 2

On Wednesday Jayce and I took Grandma and Grandpa to Old Town. We went to the Mormon Battalion Visitor's Center. It is very fun and interactive. We watched a few short movies about how the Saints were asked to enlist in the U.S. Army to help in the war with Mexico. Jayce got to outfit like a soldier -

After that, Grandma and Jayce panned for gold!

And they struck it rich!!
 Jayce also learned how to wash clothes 
 and pump water from a well.
When we got home Grandpa was pooped and had to take a rest. And where else would Pennie be?

On Wednesday night we were privileged to attend a piano recital for Derek's friend, Whitney Peterson. It was amazing!! Her pieces were so upbeat and beautiful! Almost as beautiful as she is!

Thursday was the big day!! Derek had graduation rehearsal all morning, and then the shuttling to the stadium began. I went early with the Grandfathers to save seats, Mark dropped off the Grandmothers half an hour before showtime, and then he parked and took the shuttle over. Whew!

The feeling as they began to play Pomp and Circumstance is truly beyond words. As I saw the graduates march into the stadium, and then finding Derek among them, was an incredible feeling! I think I am more proud than most parents because I have lived through a child who didn't choose to accomplish high school. Caitlin and Derek's graduations were especially sweet. I am so grateful! 

 Marching in. Can you find him?
Mr. Cassen, the principal, making opening remarks.
 In the line for his handshake and diploma.
 Mr. Cassen congratulating Derek.
 Mr. Peterson, Derek's English teacher.
 Mrs. Ingram, Biology.
 Mr. Johnson, Calculus.
 Mr. Hymes, baseball coach and History teacher.
 Mr. Oliver, Chemistry.
 Pointing at...
 Jamal! (I can't believe he makes a cameo appearance on my blog! It's for you, Cait!)

It was tough to find Derek after the ceremony. We forgot to pick a meeting place. Hopefully we'll remember to do that when Cody graduates because it was CRAZY! Mark stood on a chair and we finally found him!

After graduation, we had to hurry home because Derek had a baseball game! We fed the grandparents, then I and the Grandpas hurried over to watch the game. The Grandmas took the night off. Once in a lifetime to have both grandpas at Derek's game!

Afterward, we had cake and opened graduation presents. Wahoo, it was fun! And we managed to surprise Derek, which is difficult to do! Check out this awesome cake made by Bertha...she was the gal who made the amazingly delicious cake and cupcakes for Caitlin's wedding!

 Card from Grandparents Sutherland, with a hefty check which will go into the bank for his mission fund.
 Card from Grandparents Barrow with a Sports Authority gift card.

 And, yes, a laptop for the college bound man!!
 I think he was happy...I hope he was can't really tell with Derek sometimes.

Well, these are the goods -

Next stop...BYU Idaho in September!!

What a great week! So grateful to have good kids!

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  1. He looks pretty happy about the computer. Fred tried to take some pictures of Derek. Did he send them to you? We love Derek. He's such a great young man!