December 2010

December 2010

Sunday, March 6, 2011

We Love Baseball!

Yesterday was opening day for Little League. Oh my goodness, so much fun! For years, while we were watching Derek and Cody's games, we'd be chasing Jayce around the field. Now that Jayce is playing, Mark and I sit back and lounge watching Jayce play. And we eat it up. It is seriously the cutest stuff!

Jayce playing right field (kind of a boring place to play). After one of his outfield innings he came and reported to me he caught three orange lady bugs. He was excited about that (since the ball didn't make it out to him in the outfield).

There will probably be lots of these types of pictures throughout the season because Mark loves to take them. He likes to get it just at the right moment when Jayce is connecting. The problem is, I don't think Jayce had his eye on the ball :).

Jayce's coach was very animated as he was telling Jayce how to look "baseball ready" out in the outfield. He's a good coach.

Just loved this shot of the back of his jersey and his hat. What a cutie!

Jayce playing catcher - It's probably better...

...if he keeps his eyes OPEN!

After we got home, there was yard work to do. I asked the boys to get some weeding done. And this is how it looked. I thought it was hilarious.

We also had a surprise visit from Travis and Tyler. They drove all the way down to attend a friend's wedding in the San Diego temple. It was fun to see them and talk to them about Derek coming up to BYU-I. It's gonna be great!

P.S. Just lookin at these pictures...I'm not in any hurry for Jayce to grow up. Can you blame me? What a gift he is in our lives!

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  1. oh my goodness how fun! i laughed out loud several times. at the orange lady bugs especially. and the boys sitting while picking weeds. what lazy bums. very funny. i miss home!