December 2010

December 2010

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This Week's Hilarity (so far)!

This morning had an interesting start. From upstairs, Cody announced that a bag of dog food under his bed had spilled. Huh. So, naturally, I have a myriad of questions running through my head, "Why did Cody have a bag of dog food under his bed? Why did it spill? What was he doing with the bag when it spilled? Why is my life so weird that I have to ask these kinds of questions when I am in a morning rush and trying to get organized to get everyone and me out the door to school and work?!" Well, Cody reminded me he had purchased a bag of dog food for Dallin for Christmas (for Dallin's puppy)...very thoughtful and practical gift...but I digress. When he realized he did not buy PUPPY food, he asked me to get some when I went to the store, and supposedly he stashed the other dog food under his bed (until now). For a reason I do not know, Cody decided to look for the dog food and found little pieces of it scattered under his bed (yuck). I asked him to gather them up so we could get it cleaned up. When we explored the evidence further, it was clear that Pennie had been involved in snitching some dog food!

Exhibit A - bag of dog food suspiciously ripped open (this had Pennie's name ALL over it):

Said dog food, gathered.

Said Cody, fixing this mess.

After we pieced the evidence together, we tried coaxing Pennie upstairs to let her face her crime. But she wouldn't come up...not even for a dog treat! She knew she was busted and she went in her kennel and refused to come out. We all had a good laugh.

On Monday night I planned a scavenger hunt for family home evening. It was simple, I had a picture of each of the First Presidency and the Twelve Apostles and I hid them all over the house. On the back of each of the pictures was info such as where they attended college, who they married, how many children they have, and some other interesting facts. (Did you know President Packer has 10 children? Holy cow! And did you know Elder Nelson was an M.D. by the time he was twenty-two?!) Anyway, I made a list of clues, for the the boys to find them in order, starting with Elder Andersen and ending with President Monson. It was supposed to be a fun activity to learn things about each of the apostles. Well, it was fun, but these boys.... They always get a little carried away. And Pennie had to join in the fun -

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  1. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH! I was laughing the whole time through these videos. Dad even joined in of course "this is where we....CLEAN OUR CLOTHES!!!" haha so funny. and Pennie in the 2nd video is so ridiculous. LOVE IT!