December 2010

December 2010

Thursday, February 10, 2011

100th Day of School!!

Wednesday, February 9th, was the 100th day of school. Who knew?! Well, the kindergarteners did! In celebration each child was asked to bring 100 of something. Jayce chose to bring matchbox cars. It was a little heavy to carry...but it was what he wanted to bring. (I think Derek brought the same thing when he was in kindergarten :)). Some kids brought macaroni, pennies, pom poms, legos, etc. One over-achieving mother sewed 100 buttons on a small pillow and then appliqued "100th Day of School" on the other side. I was wowed! Today at school, they got to do a math activity where they licked a lollipop 100 times (marking off each number on a piece of paper). Afterward they measured how much smaller it had gotten. Way fun stuff!

This, of course, is Jayson's 100th Day crown. (And behind him is my classroom! He is standing by my table where I teach.)

Wrestling news: This is the last week of the wrestling season. Cody wrestled a GIRL from Torrey Pines. Awkward! At least Mark thought it was awkward. Cody won on points, whew.

I have to hand it to her, though. She fought was not an easy win.

Okay...I love Valentine's Day! I wish I were baking cookies that look like this! I love thinking about my sweetheart and what fun things I can do for him. And I also love making it fun for my family. It's just a fun holiday!

This has been an incredibly hard week. My normal schedule is teaching in the mornings at our elementary school small groups of children who need a little extra support.This week, additionally, I subbed every afternoon as a one on one aide for a little down syndrome kindergartener. She is the sweetest thing, but it was like watching an 18 month old and trying to get her to do 6 year old work. It was hard! It made me appreciate teachers, I tell ya!

Tomorrow I fly to Houston to attend Alex' missionary farewell. He is such a great young man and I am so proud he is going to serve a mission. This is Alex with his family (he's second from right). Love that family!


  1. Priceless pictures of Cody! I'd hang on to those to show his fiance someday!