December 2010

December 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Finale of One Sport/Debut of Another

The End of Cross Country
Derek had his Cross Country banquet this week. Mark attended with Derek because I was at Westview for information on Cody's winter sport, wrestling. More on that later. As I've said in previous posts, I'm so proud of Derek for sticking with it and seeing it through all four years. Cross country is one of the most demanding sports there is...requiring miles of lonely running through pure determination. Coach Colson is a great man and a great coach. However, I never really felt like he appreciated Derek. He was very focused on building a successful team, and even though is a super positive role model, I just never felt like he really loved Derek. It's okay, Derek benefited from the positive and ignored anything else.

The Beginning of Wrestling
Now there is a new chapter in the sports lives of our boys. Until this week, I had never attended a wrestling match. I vaguely knew a little about the sport...that those who did it were all muscle. I have tons of respect for my niece and nephew who wrestled through high school. So, when Cody wanted to try it, we were supportive.

These two pictures were Cody working on the "pin", which is a wrestling term that means holding both of your opponents shoulders to the ground for six seconds. Wait, I think it really means holding one shoulder to the ground for six seconds, and the other shoulder for one second. I hope that's right, and I hope that makes sense. And if you don't get a "pin", you win or lose the match by points earned (or not) through different moves. I don't understand the points at all. But, I'm learning!
Here is the ref lying on the mat about to call the pin for Cody. (Those refs are ridiculously serious, thankfully.) Wahoo for a pin!! I actually had tears come to my eyes when it happened. This win was on Saturday and I had watched him lose on Thursday. The end was like watching Derek sprint the last 100 yards of his cross country race, or strike out a batter after a full count. Or like watching Caitlin as she passed someone as she made the last turn of her 400 meters. It was very emotional for a mom!

This is in Cody's second match on Saturday. He lost. Poway has an annoyingly competitive wrestling team. But I liked his game face, so I used this picture. (I'm sure you noted that I didn't post any pictures of Cody on his back. I hate those :).)

A side note to this sport. It is sweaty and gross. All sports are sweaty, but you don't have to touch people. This one you have to touch sweaty people. And sometimes there is a little blood and they stop the match to clean it up. Gross. Also, they tell the athletes to shower as soon as they get home to prevent ringworm which may exist on the mats. Gross again. But, Cody is diggin it, and we are learning about it and are excited for him. Go Westview Wrestling!!


  1. wow Cody that is so impressive! I love the makes me feel like i'm kind of there. But i'm not. I wish he was having a match/meet/wrestle? while i'm there. Oh well. Oh ps while we are home, we have to go to Christmas Card Lane and to the singing house! pps the cookies turned out SO GOOD! I can't stop eating them. I should give some away...but they are so good I just want to eat all of them! You will have fun making them...they are really fun. I'm going to blog about them soon. anyways this is a long comment! me and billy are having a library night tonight...lame-o. so i'm on my way to do that! can't wait to be home! oh and congrats again to Derek for finishing the season strong!

  2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEESOOOOOOOOOOMMMEE!! Way to go Cody! p.s- gross=awesome it's all about being sweaty... hehe