December 2010

December 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Decking the halls!

We finally found time to pull out the Christmas stuff! We actually took all the boxes down last Saturday, the boys and I put the tree together on Sunday, and we began triming the tree and decorating on Monday for Family Home Evening.
This is a new cookie recipe I tried. It is a winner! The recipe can be found at: This is a "count-down to Christmas" chalkboard my sister in law, Diane, made for us MANY years ago. The kids used to fight about who got to erase and change the number each day. Now, they kind of forget :(.

One of my very favorite things to do during the holidays is to simply sit in the living room and look at the pretty tree and the glow in the room. I love this time of year!

This is the hair do Jayce has been sporting for the last couple of weeks. He refuses to let us cut his hair, or even wet it and comb it. He has no shame! Many of his classmates have bed head, but this could win a prize! Luckily he let me wet it and comb it for church today. Whew!
Jayce is definitely the reason for the season this year! He is so excited and loves doing all his holiday artwork. These are pin pricks that we put on window on the back door. He worked on these all week!

Here he is dutifully coloring each day of the month in December, in the assigned pattern. It is green, green, yellow. Oh, and notice the hair!

This is a fun photo of the front porch. If you peek in you can see our Christmas tree lights. I love the look of our house this time of year. I also love driving around and seeing Christmas trees in the front windows of people's homes.

Wrestling news this week: Cody is injured! He can't straighten his left leg all the way. We saw an orthopedist on Friday and got an x-ray which looked normal. He'll get an MRI this week, hopefully. At first the doctor said no wrestling, but after some discussion, he said, "Cody, I know you have good control over your body and in protecting it. I'm worried about what someone else will do to your body." So, Cody can practice but he just has to be careful. I'll keep you posted! (The numbers on their arms are their weight class. This is such a pretzel picture!)
Baseball news: Derek tried out yesterday and made the Team 1 winterball team! What does that mean, you say? He will play with all the varsity players and compete against other schools in this pre-season period of time. He still has to tryout for the varsity team in February, but it's likely he'll make the team. We're excited for him, but we'd be okay, too, if he didn't make it. It's a long story.
Well, that's the news for this week! I've been shopping, baking, planning, and wrapping! This will be the best Christmas ever! Okay, so I think I say that every year, but it's true! Each year is the best Christmas ever!

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  1. yes! love it! can't wait to be home! well, mostly cant wait to be done with finals...ugh. and then be home!