December 2010

December 2010

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wacky Wednesday - Whale of an Adventure

The Varsity scouts in our ward have been preparing for their high adventure activity for many months. The plan was three boats would sail from San Diego to Catalina with about 20 people. They would camp on Catalina island and snorkel and kayak and then return by sailboat on Friday night. And so all three boats took off - the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.

This is loading up -
Brother Holland and Cutler up front.
The sun setting around Point Loma.
Beautiful sunset pics.

Derek and Cody on the boat. They both still look happy. But before long, Cody got seriously sea sick. Derek was mildly sea sick. Mark was fine because he had the patch thingy.
 Kevin Young, Derek Hunsaker, Brent Haws, Michael and Mikael were on this boat until...

...One of the boats broke down, so six people had to bail from the sailing portion. Four boys (including Derek and Cody) volunteered to go home. I picked them all up early in the morning hours (1 a.m.) on Wednesday. In the morning (well, the afternoon) I drove the four boys up to Long Beach to catch a ferry over to the island so they could still have their adventure, just without sailing there.

It was quite an adventure getting to Long Beach! It was a long drive, and I had to go over two HUGE bridges that totally freaked me out! It is a shipyard the size I have never seen before! Finally we arrived at the ferry dock.

 The boys didn't seem to be stressed at all. I was.

 They are ready to start having fun! We were hoping no one got sick, and luckily, they didn't.
 All thumbs up from Derek. It's all good!
 And they were off!!
They arrived home late Friday night (after being picked up in Long Beach from the Peterson's). They were tired and sunburnt. And, being boys, they are very short on the details, but I'm still pumping them with questions :).

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  1. The Sutherland Sea Sick Curse strikes again!!! Glad the boys found a way to enjoy the outing anyway!