December 2010

December 2010

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Best Week of the Year! (Part 1)

We just got back from our bi-annual Sutherland family reunion. I think this one was the best one we've ever had!

We arrived on Saturday afternoon to get all settled in our condos. The condos were super nice and spacious this time, which was awesome considering we are now 8 people! Caitlin and Billy were in Vail (about an hour away) celebrating their one year anniversary, so they didn't meet up with us until Sunday at church. They had quite an eventful anniversary. In the evening, we hung out and played games. So fun!

On Sunday, after church, it was our turn to make dinner for the whole crew (each family takes a turn to provide dinner for everyone...about 30 of us). We made spaghetti! We also picked up Dallin and his dog Jose in Denver on Sunday night. I hardly slept that night because I was worried about Dallin. He slept with Jose down in the parking garage in our van because dogs weren't allowed at the resort. 

On Monday, the planned activity was mountain biking. This turned out to not be serious mountain biking where you go up to the top of the ski lift and bike down, which is what we're used to. The van came a picked everyone up and drove them a distance from town to ride back on the most beautiful bike path I have ever seen.

Here they are in the van heading out...

That's Derek way up ahead.

Seriously, it's so beautiful, I now want to live in Colorado!

Monday was kind of a hard day for me. Dallin was dirty (hadn't showered in more than a month) and we had Jose, his dog. Jose couldn't be kenneled until he had his shots and the first available appointment with a vet was late in the afternoon. Oh, and Dallin had a serious staff infection on his leg that he needed to treat every day. After we saw the vet, we were able to get Jose to a kennel for the week, and Dallin could come up to the room and shower. Monday was also our assigned Family Home Evening Day (each family takes a turn doing family home evening each night...this year it was on how the Book of Mormon can help our families.) I was emotionally spent and felt like crying the whole time, but it went well. We focused on knowing who we are...we are sons and daughters of God. And if we know that, our purpose in life becomes clear. I'm grateful for the kids and Mark who prepared well and presented some good thoughts.

Tuesday was ATV day! I chose not to go, but everyone else in our family went and had an awesome time!!

Gearin up to go!

 To go over land...
 And sea! I think this is Billy driving...Caitlin is protecting her broken wrist :(.
Our crew! (minus Mark, Dallin, and Jayce)

 The whole gang!
This is on the way home...just a little bushed.

 Wednesday was white water rafting day!! I was so excited for this! I have always wanted to do this and have never had the chance. When I got up to wake the kids up, this is what it looked like.... Just had to share!

We took a bus from the resort in Breckenridge about an hour up to the Arkansas river at a town called Buena Vista. I was nervous about Jayce falling out of the boat, especially after they gave us the safety talk. Luckily we didn't need to use any of the directions given for if we fall out of the boat. Or if the boat flips. Thankfully. We just had a super fun day.

In this boat is Dallin, Derek, Grandpa, Jeremy, Kenny, and Cody. Our boat is behind them. You can see cute little Jayce!

I just had to include this picture...look at Grandpa's face!! Love it!!

Just look at the smiles on their faces!!

Jayce looks a little nervous as we hit that rapid...

Greg, Colin, Andrew, Martha, Lauren, and Blake

I think this was the most fun thing I've ever done in my life. I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but it isn't. It was a little bit of work, but a whole lot of favorite thing work + fun!

On Thursday we were scheduled to go to the Fun Park. I had some things to do, so I went up later. This was up a gondola ride, at the base of a ski resort.

Getting ready to ride the roller coaster thingy...

This is Kenny on the alpine slide...
...and Kim.
 Cody riding up the lift to the alpine slide.

 Love this picture of these two :)

This was a trampoline jumpy thingy. They pulled you up way high. Serious air! Cody -
 Jayce -
 And a super awesome climbing wall...or pole, rather.
Stay tuned for the rest of Thursday....  Thursday night was a chuck wagon dinner where Grandpa was the star of the show! You won't want to miss it! (Can you tell we had SO much fun!!)

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