December 2010

December 2010

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rabbit Trap

Mark is obsessed with getting rid of the bunnies in our yard. I think they're cute, but I agree they are eating our plants and killing our grass and wreaking havoc out there! Jayce wanted to get in on the action and devised a plan.

So, he would lure the bunnies down by having them follow a trail of carrots...
Still following...
 And then, when they got to the jackpot, he would turn on the hose full blast and get em!!

Okay, so there are some minor flaws in his plan, but he was very excited about it so we didn't have the heart to point them out. 

Mark wants a paint ball gun or an air soft gun to shoot them. We have been spending an inordinate amount of money on various "rabbit scram" products and we don't think they're working. The inhumane gun might be our only option. That, or give up on our fruit trees and yard. Nope. I'm considering the guns.

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  1. We have rabbits and squirrels in our yard too. We use a live trap to trap them. It works really well! Then we let the bunnies go somewhere far away from our house! You might look into a live trap.