December 2010

December 2010

Sunday, July 24, 2011


What little boy doesn't dream about having a treehouse?? I played in lots of treehouses when I was little...we used our imaginations and pretended it was our fort and we had to protect it. Sometimes we pretended it was our house and we each played a part in the family - mother, father, baby. Fun times!  Well, we've been looking at this tree on our hill for some time. Now, trees don't grow very big here. As a matter of fact, someone gave me a card once that read "Enjoy San Diego, where they call a bush a tree." And that's true. After living in WA, where they grow real trees, I realize we don't really grow trees here. So, this "tree" on our hill is not much, but it worked to begin a treehouse!

First, we had to clear a trail up to the tree.

We still need to add some kind of steps up there because I nearly die every time I try to traverse it. It could be because I have bad knees though :).

Scott Peterson came over and gave Mark his opinion. He told him to get Cedar so it would be more resistant to bugs.
 And then they started whacking away!

And then out came the power tools! Something about my man with power tools with his little boy...just does it for me!

Right now it's only a platform, but we have big plans to add railings or walls. And it needs a ladder of some sort.
 The end of a very good, fun day. A happy boy...
 ...and a happy dad!

Really doesn't get much better.

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