December 2010

December 2010

Monday, July 11, 2011

The I-15 Vacation

Our summer adventures almost always include a trip up to Utah to visit family. We were all packed and in the van and this was the send-off committee -

Jayce and Johnny hit it off great! Well, they had a few moments of not getting along, but all in all it went really well. They really loved collecting bugs.

The construction dirt made for a fun place to play.

 Or they just hung out.

The Provo river was very swollen and we didn't even go down to it at John and Barbara's house because it was too fast and dangerous. We drove up the canyon to a park where we could see it from a safe distance.

Few things are as fun as skipping rocks...

After dropping Cody at EFY, we headed up to Rexburg, Idaho to check things out for Derek starting school there in September. I had never been there so it was exciting to see the lay of the land. I thought Idaho was absolutely beautiful!

For one of Travis' business classes, he had to start and run a business on campus. He and his classmates make and sell crepes! They were so yummy!! And that's where we met up with them on campus.

 Travis working hard...Cami overseeing...

BYUI just completed construction of a HUGE building. I think it's called the I-Center but I'm not sure. Anyway, did I mention it's HUGE! So there is a track that run around the entire perimeter of the gym portion of the building. This is Derek standing up on the track.

See the track above Bill, Cait, & Cami? I can't remember how many full court basketball courts they had, maybe four, and then volleyball on the other side. I told you...I'm talking BIG!

This is Jayce running two laps around the track! Good thing to do after being in the car for several hours!

Then, after getting a tour of the pool area (Cami showed us where Travis proposed :)) and the huge workout room (you'd think it's cold here or something), we went over for a tour of THE apartment. Derek will live here with these guys. It was awesome!

We promised Jayce he could play in the hotel pool after we hauled him around everywhere. So, to the pool we went! We forgot goggles, so we hit Walmart for those.

Billy was a good sport to play with Jayce...

...and take the face splashing.

Two of the mornings we were there, Caitlin and I ran from the hotel UP to the temple. It was pretty steady up hill the whole way.

You probably can't tell, but that's Caitlin and Billy in front the temple. It was so beautiful!

Doesn't Derek look at home here??

A fun night! We went to Jud's. They must be home of the largest hamburger. It was amazing! And super yummy!

Yes, that's ONE hamburger. But it was a one pounder...Tyler and Derek split one, and Cami and Travis split one. The rest of us ordered wimpy burgers. But they were super yummy!

On our way out of town we found another sign we had to have a picture of! This was our crew! We had so much fun in Rexburg!

On our way back to Provo, we stopped in to visit Todd and Ann Marie in Ogden with their cute family! They were so nice to have us for dinner and let the kids play.

Yes, Ann Marie made all those adorable outfits. Caitlin loved playing with them!

I seriously couldn't get over the cuteness of the twins!

More to come tomorrow...

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