December 2010

December 2010

Monday, July 18, 2011

4th of July, Etc.

I'm really sorry I've had so many pictures lately...I have trouble paring them down so tons end up on here. But, it will make for great memories someday.

The Fourth of July started early as we ran the Provo Freedom Run. It is an easy 5K (well, not so easy on the hill at the end) and we had a blast!

After the parade we met John and Barbara on University Avenue to watch the parade.

It such a fun, small town kind of parade!
 Star Wars Float, seriously?!
 I had to include this.
After an amazingly delicious bar-be-que (and John's hamburgers are PERFECT in every way, like he weighs the meat so they will all be the same size), the kids started a ridiculously difficult puzzle. They were trying to pass the time because waiting for dark to do fireworks was so hard.
 Thankfully, darkness set in and we began with the smoke bombs.

 And the snappers.
 And, of course, sparklers.
We got to eat dinner with the Hoopes family! I love them so much! I wish they'd move back to San Diego!

 I loved catching up with everyone...and Dan even offered to take Mark to the airport in the morning....
We went to Cabela's, which was quite an experience on a hunt for the perfect winter coat for Derek. And we met friends there...

 They had like an arcade type shooting range which the boys loved! Oh, this was right after we got six different types of fudge...oh, so good!!
 And, THE coat! We think this will keep him warm enough. It says it works for below 0 temperatures!
And, we had to end our trip with bowling at BYU. Jayce loves this!

These are a few shots from Cody's pole vaulting camp. He did really well! Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of his best jumps. Isn't that always the case?!

That ends the journaling of the Utah trip. It was really so much fun and we'd do it all over again! But it is nice to be home and doing summer stuff here.

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