December 2010

December 2010

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Birthday Season!

This is our birthday time of year. We have Caitlin's on April 22, Dallin's on April 26, Mark's on May 1, and Derek's on May 9. And since adding Billy to our family, we have another one on May 23! We eat a lot of cake and have a lot of fun. Everyone gets to choose their birthday dinner and what kind of cake they want. It's always interesting how the choices vary. We've had everything from grilled salmon to pizza delivered...whatever the birthday boy or girl wants.

Mark loves to have a devil's food cake with what his mom calls "fluffy white frosting".  I think it is very old make it with karo syrup and egg whites over a double boiler.

This is Derek's birthday...wouldn't be complete without help from Pennie on opening presents.

He's gonna need those white shirts very soon...

He wanted new t-shirts. This one is for the Lake Elsinore Storm...a minor league baseball team. They are part of the Padres system, so Derek would want to support them of course.

I wonder what he is wishing burns? Goofy kid.

Derek is now the big 1-8. He could sign himself out of school. He can vote. He will pay income tax. He is legal. Good thing he is such a great kid! And one year from now, he'll be leaving on his mission. Oh my. How did the time go so fast? It was just yesterday he was little...

Love that kid!

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