December 2010

December 2010

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sutherland Family Reunion in Breckenridge!

Words can't express how great it was to be with the Sutherland family last week. We were so bummed to be missing Dallin, Erin, Caitlin & Billy.

The whole crew who was able to come.

Once again we had a bbq dinner and a show by Two Below Zero. Loved those guys!

The Sheriff and Dan. Dan is made the new deputy.

 Kelly, staring as Daisy May!

Rock climbing!

White water rafting!

The best part of the week were the devotionals by the grandkids, and the family home evenings by our generation. Grandpa has established as our family motto "No Empty Chairs at our Celestial Table." We all talked about how we plan to make that happen. I love our family!

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  1. So much fun!! And thank you so much to Uncle Mark for taking so many pictures. I've loved looking through them on facebook, especially activities I couldn't do and now I can feel like I was there!