December 2010

December 2010

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring Saturday - Pole Vaulting and Baseball Begin!

Yesterday was Cody's first track meet of the season. It was a distance running and field events invitational at Mt. Carmel. Cody won the gold medal for JV pole vaulting at 10'6"! 

Can you see the 10'6" sign?

 Here he is standing by the sign with his medal on (sorry, my phone doesn't zoom in)

I was amazed he won! He has only practiced this week after a long wrestling season. He's a lot stronger and taller this year. He'll only go up (no pun intended) from here! The varsity guys are jumping as high as 13' so he's got his work cut out for him.

Little League Baseball Opening Day was yesterday, as well! Fun stuff! The San Diego Padres are sponsoring our entire little league, so all 59 teams are Padres!! It sounds SO confusing to me. Anyway, there were Padre people there including the Friar! Derek identified them all for me... Friar, then Randy Jones (former Cy Young award winner for the Padres) is waving, and the guy in the suit is Tom Garfinkel, the COO of the Padres.

After the opening day ceremonies, Jayce's team had a scrimmage (with the Padres, of course).

Spring has definitely sprung at our house...Track and Baseball...wouldn't be spring without it!

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  1. i love springtime at home! track is my absolute fav! hopefully i can maybe see a track meet this year? maybe...probably not but maybe.