December 2010

December 2010

Friday, September 9, 2011

One more Derek college post...

Mark got back early this morning from taking Derek up to Rexburg. I'm so glad he got to go. And I'm so glad he got home safely after the power blackout last night. 

The night before Derek left, Elder Mendoza and Elder Taylor came by to say goodbye.  They are such good Elders! Derek has been able to go on a lot of teaching appointments with these guys. Good times!

The boys can be SO goofy. Derek takes videos with his phone of goofiness, then they all watch it and laugh.  It can be annoying, but on this night Mark and I didn't want it to end :).

We couldn't get much done because Pennie wanted attention. She knew something was going on...

At the last minute, Dallin asked if he could ride up to Idaho with them. Well, they were pretty sure they wouldn't have room in the car, but Mark worked his magic and wedged out a small space for Dallin and his backpack, and Jose. I think it was a long ride.

This is Derek's apartment!! The Nauvoo House! Third floor! Woohoo!

Starting to unpack and get organized. I think the rooms are pretty nice sized. The desk looks kind of small.

They, of course, had to hit Big Jud's for dinner. Yes, that is really the size of their hamburgers!

This is Derek getting registered for Get Connected, the freshman orientation. He's there today!

Part of the orientation was in the I-Center. It's almost as big as the Conference Center in Salt Lake. Amazing! BYUI is so cool!

Well, that's it. He's there. I wish I was a fly on the wall. Mark said he will do great taking on his life in a powerful way!


  1. "Mark worked his magic." Its totally a Sutherland thing, they can make anything fit into the trunk of a car. It would be fun to have them compete in a tetris match or something.